Effortlessly Keep Your Team On Track With Time Tracking Software

Time tracking software will increase your team’s productivity, there’s no doubt about that. But do you know how to use time tracking software to keep your team on track? Team management is not just about turning the timer on or off.

While time tracking software does make employee management a lot easier for managers, there is still more work to be done. Time tracking software only handles some aspects of management, such as invoicing, time monitoring and productivity assessment. There’s a lot that you will have to do the old-fashioned way, by doing it yourself.

Are you afraid that managing a large team will overwhelm you? Time tracking software does give you a certain edge, but you still need to handle 80% of the management yourself.

Here are some important managing decisions that only you can make:

  • Setting project goals
  • Making sudden changes with regards to project urgency
  • Using invoice generation
  • Delegating tasks and eliminating time waste
  • Keeping records and maintaining clarity
  • Providing flexibility to your employees
  • Making time tracking transparent
Setting project goals

Every manager needs to set goals for a project before beginning to work on it. Setting goals means that you set specific and clear deadlines for a project. Having a clear target is one of the main ways to start maximizing your productivity.

Defining a project also means that you set its estimated budget. Good time tracking software should you get an insight into whether a project was near cost estimates.

Delegating tasks and eliminating time waste

Time tracking helps you organize your team and your projects. Specifically, time tracking software allows you to create multiple projects. You can then pick which of your team members will work on which projects – this will greatly help with time management, both for you and your team.

With time tracking software, you get to see who has been working on what project and for how long. If you notice that a certain employee isn’t productive with his or her project, you can assign them to another project.

The best way to manage team members and improve productivity is by eliminating  unproductive employees. If there are 5 people working on a project, one unproductive team member can significantly slow down the overall progress.

Making sudden changes with regards to project urgency

Time tracking software allows you to prioritize projects. Some projects are more important than others and you want to keep an eye on the important projects more often. With time tracking software, you can see who’s working on your most important projects. Therefore, you can determine the productivity level and make necessary revisions.

You might need to reassign the most productive team members to the most important projects or tasks. Sometimes you find you have set the wrong deadline, which makes it necessary to edit deadlines for certain projects.

Keeping records and maintaining clarity

With time tracking software, you get accurate time reports and relevant notes from team members. You can instruct your team members to provide project information while they are working.

Project information means writing down notes that show their level of progress. You can use that project information to see whether the working times were used productively.

Your employees can add questions and comments to a project, and you can see this directly on your dashboard. By quickly addressing certain comments and questions, you can help your team members finish their work in less time.

Additionally, if you are using a project management tool like PivotalTracker to keep track of everything, PivotalTracker time tracking software will allow you to keep track of how long you spend on each story.

Using invoice generation

Most time tracking applications feature integration with popular invoicing suites like Freshbooks. This integration makes invoicing so much easier. You can easily generate invoices by project, client or time range. Time tracking applications tend to automatically send invoices to your clients.

Providing flexibility to your employees

Don’t be surprised if some people from your team are annoyed at the idea of being monitored by time tracking software. It’s simply weird for them to know that you’re watching. You need to compensate your team in some way.

You could compensate your team by telling them they could work whenever they want. You are paying your employees by the hour anyway. Time tracking software already provides flexibility, since your employees can turn the application on and off, at any time.

There is no need to spy on your employees by using software that secretly records their activity. Spying on your employees may backfire on you, and as a result, tarnish your reputation.

Most time tracking applications take screenshots randomly, but only when the application is turned on. That way, employees can work productively, knowing when they are being tracked. And when they want to take a break, they can simply turn the time tracking app off.

Making time tracking transparent

Want to additionally motivate your team to work more? Share timesheet statistics with them every week. Employees love to compete with one another. If Joe sees that he is making less money than Amy, he might be motivated to work more.

Sharing reports and statistics is the best way to motivate team members. Reports and statistics speak for themselves. The hard working team members get to feel proud. And those team members who slack off are essentially put to shame by their lower results. With the right timesheet software, it’s very easy to motivate your teams like this.

The ideal time tracking software to help you with employee management

Can Hubstaff’s time tracking software help you manage your employees the right way? Our time tracking software has all the essential features that managers need.

Our time tracking application is easy to install and it is barely noticeable on the desktop.

Your employees can install it and use a simple Start and Stop button to turn the application on and off.

Our time tracking application runs in the background while your employees work on their projects.

But what happens if your employee gets off the computer for a break, forgetting to turn the application off? After Hubstaff detects more than 5 minutes of inactivity, it turns off the application. Otherwise, screenshots are taken randomly while the application is recording time.

The dashboard lets you see who is currently online and who is working. You can see the working times of each user or the working times for any project on the dashboard.

Team members are easier to manage when you know whether they have been productive or unproductive. Hubstaff makes it so much easier to find out who is responsible for wasted time and ineffectiveness.

The application takes a maximum of 3 random screenshots in 10 minutes.

It also tracks mouse movements and keyboard strokes, giving you honest insight into your team’s activity.

Hubstaff lets you create and view timesheets in any way you want.

When you want to view reports, you can download them based on either projects, users or time range.

When it’s time to pay your employees, you are free to choose any specific time range for payments.

Try Hubstaff for free to automate time tracking, streamline project management, and dramatically increase the efficiency of your organization and the effectiveness of your workers.

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