How Infographics Can Drive Your Social Media Presence

There’s no question that a social media strategy is an important part of marketing your business. When it’s done well, whether through Facebook, Google+, or another social network, it can boost your search rankings and increase your interactions with current clients. It can also connect you to potential clients while increasing sales and generating leads. In order to realize this success, a company needs to focus on creating quality content.

Make Your Social Media Efforts Successful

One way to succeed in social media is to focus on creating infographics. Infographics are often successful because they’re easy to read and digest. According to marketing professor Jonah Berger, there are six keys to successful media. These keys can, and should, be applied to your implementation of infographics in your social media strategy.

  • Create an emotional reaction. This helps tie your potential client to what you’re selling. Plus, there’s a psychology to why people hit that ‘share’ or ‘like’ button on Facebook, or retweet something on Twitter. Avoid evoking feelings of sadness and anger. Rather, keep your infographics positive by inspiring emotions of awe and happiness. Berger, teamed with Katherine Milkman, has discovered that evoking a positive emotion typically leads to another 2.9 hours of time spent on your content.
  • Give your audience social currency. People tend to share things that make them look good online. Consider this when creating your status updates and infographics as well.
  • Make your brand publicly available. Define your brand with your logo. Once your logo is attached to your marketing efforts, it immediately makes it more visible and memorable.
  • Offer practical value. People respond to quality content that is practical. When they respond, they often share too.
  • Tell a story. Storytelling through infographics is an easy way for someone to make sense of the facts they’re learning.
  • Create triggers. When people are reminded of a product often, they’ll remember it. Share often about your product and people will be more likely to talk about it as well.

But Why Use Infographics?

Berger’s tips can really be applied to any of your social media marketing efforts, but why are infographics so important? Think about how often you’ve skipped over blocks of text when skimming articles and blogs on the Internet. Your potential consumers are doing that too. In fact, research shows that 8 out of 10 people will read a headline, but of those 8, only 2 will read the article in full.

Visual content, on the other hand, typically grabs the attention of more readers. People have a positive response to artwork that’s used to tell a story. The desire to learn and be entertained through stories has been around since Egyptian hieroglyphics and artwork by cavemen.

Here’s a few infographics done by a variety of companies, they prove that anyone can use infographics!
– Done by a rehab facility, this IG is on drug abuse and DNA factors
– Published for a design website and IG about home renovations
– Here’s one about buying a car

Just a few examples to show you the variety of options that come with infographic usage.

On the Internet, infographics became popular around 2009. They function like posters in a college dorm room, they’re fun and interesting to look at. More specifically, infographics in social media take facts and make them easier to understand through illustration.

Anything can have a visual representation. You can use infographics to portray the results of a research study, to demonstrate how a product works, or even to illustrate the history of your business. Of course, before deciding what you’ll visualize in your infographic, be sure to consider your audience and who you’re looking to attract to your business.

After creating the infographics, track which infographics yield the best results. Track how many shares, retweets, and likes each of them get and tweak your next infographic based on what you’ve learned. Not only will your potential clients have fun discovering your infographics, but you’ll have fun making them too.

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