Are you a member or a supervisor of a team? Does your team consist of people from all over the world? If that is the case, you must be familiar with a good deal of the difficulties that are a part of the remote working process. However, there are certain tools that can be of tremendous help in managing remote teams.

It’s not that long ago that teams had to be together at the same time and in the same place in order to collaborate effectively. And then the future happened and the Internet made remote collaboration possible via tools like e-mail, instant messaging and file sharing services. However, now that times are changing, another level of progress is in order.

Remote collaboration using the standard channels for Internet communication is getting old. There is an increasing number of people collaborating with others that are located in different countries, even across several different timezones. Of course, there has to be a way to make the whole collaboration process simpler.

The answer lies in software specifically designed for managing remote teams. Software like this might not be a complete novelty – there are numerous different kinds of solutions like these, each one unique in its own right. Nonetheless, what matters most is to know how to pick the right collaboration software that will fit the needs of your team.

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Finding the right tools for managing remote teams

As of recently, the issue is no longer to simply find software for managing your team and your work. As the number of teams working remotely grows, the number of software solutions released for managing remote teams has grown as well. With such a wide array of team management software solutions to choose from, its no wonder we can’t tell which one is the right one.

The first step is to define what it is that your team needs to help ease collaboration and increase productivity. After you outline your teams’ needs and prerequisites, look for specific features and tools that would satisfy your requirements.

It’s important to examine and evaluate as much as you can, because different pieces of collaborative software offer a distinct range of features. Here are some of the fundamental tools and features that you should look for when choosing software for managing your remote team.

Tools for assigning tasks and notes

The best method for organization of just about any process is to split it up into smaller parts and tackle it part by part. Choose team management software that will enable you to assign different tasks to different projects. Ideally, you should also have the option for adding smaller sub-tasks and notes for even better organization.

Both you and the members of your team should be able to add notes as you work. Said tasks should be assigned by you or members of your team, to workers responsible for task implementation.

Tools for tracking and managing time

They say time is money, so of course we don’t want to squander either of the two. The team management software you choose should enable your staff to track the time they’ve spent working on each task. The option for taking randomized screenshots of your workers’ screens is a good additional feature to look for.

Time tracking can be used for paying hourly workers. However, some collaboration software will use the data to create time-sheets.

Detailed work reports – time-sheets

Time-sheets display a breakdown of the time tracked within a certain period, sorted by the time spent by different employees on different projects or tasks. Work reports like this are usually automated by the software itself. You won’t have spend any time analyzing your data, for the team management software itself will provide an evaluation based on the tasks assigned and the time tracked.

This will give you a better understanding of your projects. You’ll easily see which parts of your project demand the most attention and whether you’re losing time on trivial tasks. You’ll also be able to identify which workers are productive and beneficial to your project.

Bonus: Software reliability

While not a tool by itself, software quality is a characteristic that should never be overlooked when looking for good team management software.

When we’re talking about software reliability, we’re talking about the software’s capacity to operate well within the margins of its intended functions. Choose software that has passed all stages of testing and is a product by a reputable company. That way your collaborative software will be failure-free and never malfunction – and you’ll never lose any of your data.

Software that covers the essential tools for managing remote teams

It’s not uncommon to know what to look for, and still not be able to find the best remote team management software. Consider that Hubstaff is a feature-rich and reliable software solution that will be easy to use for you and your team. Organize projects, assign tasks and notes, do time tracking and get detailed work reports – Hubstaff has all the features anyone could ever ask for.

Hubstaff is cross-platform software that is easy to set up on all operating systems. Members of your team can use their preferred operating system and still be able to track time and work with Hubstaff. In fact, Hubstaff is intuitively designed and easy to use on any operating system of choice.

Wondering what happens if any member of your team has a different preference when it comes to project management software? That’s likely not going to be a problem, as Hubstaff’s team has been working hard on impeccable integration with other collaboration software. Here is a list of the software that can be integrated with Hubstaff: 

GitHubTeamwork PM
Pivotal Tracker

Hubstaff’s integrations are intelligently developed and well designed. All the information previously tracked by the other software will synchronize with Hubstaff flawlessly. You won’t have to worry about losing any of your data. Once you integrate any of these other software solutions with Hubstaff, the data synchronization between the two pieces of software will be ongoing.

Hubstaff guarantees that collaboration between members of your team will run smoothly and you’ll always stay on track with your projects. Offering every tool you need for managing your remote team, and even a bit more, Hubstaff is the perfect choice for impeccable remote collaboration.