International Payroll with Payoneer and Hubstaff

Payoneer is an international payment platform that enables businesses to send and receive money across borders. From a virtual business perspective, it allows companies to pay remote team members from other countries safely and efficiently.

With Hubstaff’s Payoneer integration, users will be able to make automatic payments with Payoneer and handle their international payroll easily and seamlessly. Hubstaff does not charge any additional fees to automate payroll outside of the cost of the software. View our plans and pricing.

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Automatic Payroll Outsourcing for Remote Teams

When you integrate Hubstaff with Payoneer, you can boost efficiency and focus less on administrative tasks such as payroll and manual timesheets. Just enable automatic payments for seamless paydays that are on time, all the time. When your team records time with Hubstaff’s desktop timers, the time is automatically inserted into time reports. Once you set an hourly rate for individual team members, Hubstaff can calculate how much to send based on the amount of time recorded.

Here are some additional benefits of integrating Hubstaff and Payoneer

  • Connect your Payoneer account in a few clicks.
  • Automate payments so pay day is always on time.
  • Determine pay rates for different employees.
  • Pay your team on your preferred schedule. Set up payments to send out weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.
  • Pay your team for the exact amount of time worked.
  • Pay employees and contractors in different currencies.
  • Choose to pay automatically or manually.

Automatic payments with Payoneer

Automate International Payroll with Hubstaff

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How to Integrate

Integrating is simple, just log in to your Hubstaff account and click on “Organizations” on the top menu. Select your organization. Next, click on the “Payroll” tab, and select the “Add Payment Account” option.

Handle International Payroll with Hubstaff

After selecting “Add Payment Account” a pop-up of payment options will appear. Select Payoneer and then enter your Partner ID, Username, API Password, and Program ID. Check out this guide if you need help finding these.

Payment method pop up

Once you’ve filled out all the fields, select “Connect” and authenticate your account. You should now see Payoneer listed under your payment accounts.

To add a member, go back to your organization page, click the “Payroll” tab and then select the new option to “Add Member to Payroll.”

Add member to payroll

Select your virtual employee and enter your payment settings. Once you click “Connect” the team member will receive an email notification to add their Payoneer credentials.

Add a team member to payroll

Once the team member has added their credentials, you will be able to enable them for Automatic or Manual payments through Payoneer.