Jira Time Tracking: Record and Analyze Time with Hubstaff

Jira is a project management software that allows users to stay on top of issues, assign work and monitor team activity. It has a sleek mobile interface and easy communication options that inspire action. Jira issues can be prioritized and organized so your team knows what to focus on each day.

Jira Issues

Hubstaff‘s Jira time tracking integration allows users to track time to individual Jira issues from a convenient desktop app that can be started and stopped with a push of a button. Hubstaff’s lightweight apps won’t slow down your computer, and were natively designed for Mac, Windows and Linux to eliminate compatibility issues. You can also track time within JIRA using Hubstaff’s chrome extension.

Make your virtual teamwork even more powerful by combining Jira’s project management software with Hubstaff’s time tracking software and employee productivity reports.

Jira Time Tracking

Integrate Hubstaff and Jira today to access multiple benefits for you and your team.

  • Begin tracking time to individual Jira issues.
  • Discover which issues are taking too much time.
  • Find out which team members solve issues most efficiently.
  • View activity levels to determine productivity.
  • See screenshots of work so you (and your clients) know exactly what services to bill for.
  • Use Hubstaff’s analytical time reports to keep easy records or invoice clients.

Find a step-by-step guide on how to integrate at Jira Time Tracking.

Integrate Hubstaff with Jira

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Insightful Jira Time Tracking

Get an Overview Before You Start

Hubstaff’s desktop app is not just a way to automatically track time to different Jira issues. It also helps your team prioritize and see all their assigned tasks in one place.

The Hubstaff time tracking app helps your team work smarter by:

  • Showing all assigned Jira issues in one place, right next to the desktop timer.
  • Once an issue is selected, users can view issue updates in the Hubstaff app.
  • Showing how much time was already tracked to a particular issue that day.

Innovative Employee Monitoring Software

Jira time tracking with Hubstaff also comes with screenshots and activity level reporting. Hubstaff takes random screenshots of your employees’ screens while they track time to a Jira issue, so you can see exactly what is being worked on.

Other insightful uses for Hubstaff’s employee monitoring software:

  • Send employee screenshots to clients so they can see what services they are paying for.
  • Use activity levels to give your employees and/or contractors feedback on their performance.
  • Modify the frequency of screenshots. You can choose to have 3, 2 or 1 screenshot taken every 10 minutes, or none at all.
  • Find out who are the most and least productive members of your team.
  • Make sure employees and/or contractors are working on the issue they were assigned by viewing screenshots.


Multiple Uses for Time Reports

Hubstaff’s automatic time reports are data-rich and can be used in many ways.

  • Reports show how much time how much time was spent on a particular issue.
  • Users can view reports based on user, time period or issue.
  • Reports can be sent to clients along with invoices.
  • You can use reports to pay employees and contractors for the exact amount of time worked over a specific period.
  • Analyze reports to see which issues take too much time.
  • Reports can be exported and emailed.
  • Use Hubstaff time reports for your administrative records.
  • Users can add time manually to have it appear in reports. This can be done if a user forgets to start his or her desktop timer, or has a work task away that had to be done away from a computer.

Issue Organization and Syncing

After integrating Hubstaff and Jira for the first time in a few easy steps, your Jira issues and users automatically sync.

Here’s how Hubstaff’s Jira integration makes work easier for you:

  • Don’t worry about manually importing issues or users. After the initial integration, Hubstaff will automatically sync approximately every 30 minutes.
  • Since all issues will be brought over to Hubstaff, you can organize Jira issues by priority or assignee.
  • Users can begin tracking their time to Jira issues immediately.

Timely Payments and Payroll

Payday gets even better with Hubstaff’s automatic payments and payroll managing options. Once you integrate Hubstaff and Jira, you can pay your team for work done on Jira issues from within your Hubstaff account.

  • Pay your team as often as you want, with options to automatically pay weekly, monthly or bi-weekly.
  • Pay your team for exactly how much work they do, as measured by the automatic Hubstaff app.
  • Set different pay rates for individual employees and contractors.
  • Integrate easily with your PayPal account.
  • Pay your team automatically or manually.
  • Pay your team in different currencies.

Learn how to set up Automatic Payments and Payroll.