Kevin Sterling is the owner of, a small digital agency based in New York. His company is one of the many satisfied Hubstaff clients who use our time tracking tools to stop guessing when it comes to billing and know exactly how much time is spent on every project to determine profit. Keep reading to see how Hubstaff paid for itself after just one job.

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Kevin Sterling started as a graphic designer and worked in small agencies before going out on his own and freelancing. While freelancing, he co-founded, an outdoor gear store for urbanites and mountain men alike, and it was there that he gained an important perspective on running a successful business. This new perspective lead to him adding more services for his clients, and before long he became a one-stop shop for all of a company’s marketing needs and was born.

Today, the team at is made up of up to 10 contractors at any given time, and while he is based in New York, the rest of the team is distributed around the world. Things didn’t always run this smoothly, though.

Growing Pains

As Kevin grew his agency, he recruited most of his contractors using Elance (now Upwork) which was fine at the beginning, but very soon he started to run into issues with the platform. While he knew how many hours each contractor worked, if they were working on multiple projects he didn’t have an easy way of knowing how much time each project was taking. Instead, he would have to ask the contractor to estimate how much time was spent on specific task, leaving him with answers like “Oh, I don’t know, maybe 2 or 3 hours.”

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These inaccurate estimates started adding up, and Kevin realized that unless he changed how he tracked his projects, he wouldn’t know if he was undercharging for certain types of jobs, which made it difficult to grow his agency and know he was making money.

How Hubstaff Paid for Itself

Kevin had used Basecamp as his project management tool for over 5 years and when he saw that Hubstaff could directly integrate with it and provide time tracking features, he knew he had to give it a try. Our integration automatically brought his Basecamp projects into Hubstaff, allowing his contractors to accurately (and easily) track exactly how long each job took. This was just what his agency needed.


In his first month of using Hubstaff, Kevin found that he was chronically undercharging for a particular type of job. Once he had an accurate record of how much he was paying his contractor for that job, he was able to increase the amount he billed the client and they were more than happy to pay it because they knew the numbers were trustworthy.

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Kevin said, “Sometimes clients have preconceived notions for how long things take, and after using Hubstaff I could confidently say ‘This took exactly X amount of time, and here are the records and screenshots showing that.'”

Hubstaff paid for itself easily with just that one job.

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How Hubstaff changed his business

Kevin now regularly works on 5-figure web projects and every single week he can look at the report and immediately determine profit for each job. This lets him take on new projects and hire new contractors without worrying if he will turn a profit. It has even helped free him up from management so that he can focus on the higher level strategy decisions, knowing that his team of contractors can profitably complete the jobs that come their way.

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In Kevin’s own words:

“It is the easiest way to get accurate billing costs for all the projects in your organization. Hubstaff will pay for itself.”


Are you still guessing how much time your employees spent on a project?

At Hubstaff we help agencies track every minute of billable time so you know exactly how long a project took to finish. This lets you stop guessing and stop losing money with inaccurate billing. If you are interested in seeing how Hubstaff can help your agency, sign up for your free 14-day trial today.