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Before you start hacking the hunt for remote work…

  • You must decide what type of work you want, full-time position or freelance
  • Know the title you want and get the training required to become productive
  • Search for positions daily, and customize your resume & portfolio for each position

Hack #1: Use Your Professional Network To Find Remote Jobs

  • Tell your existing network you’re looking for work
  • Connect with people in your niche, on forums and groups
  • Think about how you could help them and talk about it

land your dream remote job

Hack #2: Use Custom Search To Find Hidden Remote Work Listings

  • Use custom search to find work on recruiting sites
  • site:greenhouse.io web developer
  • gild.com workable.io jobvite.com

land your dream remote job

More tips for finding unadvertised positions…

  • Locate more recruiting platforms via Google, check weekly and apply for one that fits you
  • Narrow your search via Google filters and advanced search queries on Twitter, LinkedIn
  • For easy access, bookmark your results

Hack #3: Use Job Outreach and Ask To Work Remotely

  • Be selective and reach out to a targeted list of decision makers
  • Use a directory to find companies that are willing and can afford to hire you
  • Craft a custom pitch, include your profile links, automate and track everything

Hack #4: Be First When You Send Remote Work Proposals

  • Stay on top of new positions by setting up alerts on Mention, Buzzsumo
  • Submit relevant cover letters, follow up, and have a plan for success
  • Apply ASAP, within hours

land your dream remote job

More tips for crafting outstanding applications…

  • Connect with employers, ask questions about the positions and follow through with them
  • Show you’re perfect for the position, respond to all questions, include past work
  • Knock your test project out of the park

3 more mini hacks to find your dream remote job…

  • Tweak Your LinkedIn Profile: change your headline to “Looking for [desired position]” then visit your target audience’s’ profile
  • Save Your Answers: Save your answers to interesting questions in Google docs & reuse them
  • Low Traffic Job Boards: monitor industry specific job boards to avoid competition for remote work

Get creative and find remote work positions…

  • Technology companies are going remote, but finding work is hard because of competition.
  • To succeed, target your search, find unadvertised positions and be outstanding.
  • Share your hacks for securing interviews for remote positions.

And don’t forget about your 1-page infographic: How To Ace Your Interview and Land Your Dream Remote Job