You need new tools.

And we’re not talking about the weed whacker that’s been passed down for generations. There are other things you need to help your company operate at its highest level.

To reach your full potential in the landscaping world you’re going to need new software.

We’ll explain every reason why it’s the most necessary asset to have for your company, and you’ll see how easy-to-use apps can help you streamline your business.

where is your landscaping crew?

Gone are the days where you can afford to hunt down employee time cards or find out someone on your crew missed a shift after the fact. It’s lost money, and potentially a lost customer. Not to mention unwarranted stress for you.

You’re up against the competition, rising costs, and the constant search for quality labor. You’re going to need some software in your toolkit. There are options out there, but which landscaping software to use?

Power up your workday

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The good news for landscapers

Now is a good time to be in landscaping. According to Garden Center‘s Brian Horn, landscaping companies’ median revenue continues to grow:

Landscaping companies had a median revenue of $291,000, which is up from $256,000 in 2015 and $217,000 in 2014. Slightly more contractors turned a profit in 2016 (86%) than in 2015 (84%) and 2014 (78%).

Landscape maintenance stayed as the most profitable service offered, and it regained the top spot as the most popular service provided after losing that spot to lawn care last year.”

We want you to be part of that growth, for this year and beyond. By implementing time-saving software for landscapers, you’ll be one big step closer to making that happen.

Better tracking through GPS-based mobile apps

GPS time tracking can you help you keep pace with the pack by immediately logging employee shifts, running payroll, and invoicing customers from a single app.

You’ll be able to maintain instant and accurate time cards and keep track of team members by observing their progress during a job.

GPS tracking apps can be accurate up to 20 meters of your crew’s locations, keeping your real-time information from job sites precise. Your team can use their own mobile devices to track time, so there’s no need to keep track using paper or a central time clock.

mobile time tracking app for landscapers hubstaff

How does this make your company more efficient?

With accurate, streamlined time tracking, you can review and approve timesheet requests as well as schedule shifts and job sites in real-time. Essentially, it allows you to run your company from anywhere with internet service.

From offsite, you can estimate the crew needed and duration of each job, keeping you as up-to-date with information as possible. You’ll even get daily work summaries emailed to you so you never have to check in.

work summary for landscapers from hubstaff

Geofencing for smarter work tracking

You can even set up recurring sites so that time tracking automatically starts and stops when your crew arrives or leaves. There’s also a reminder option that will prompt you to track time once you enter a geofence.

This feature works well for long-term projects, or when you have ongoing landscaping care at the same facility. With geofence time tracking (see the example shown below), you get more accurate timecards without your team having to remember to start the timer on their own. Read more how your business can benefit from using geofences here.

geofencing feature in hubstaff for landscapers

Software for easier scheduling

With top landscaping software such as Hubstaff, you’ll be able to set schedules for your crew and export payroll reports from the same platform. With the mobile time tracking app, it’s easy to use for all crew members.

It boils down to two things: time and money. The right software for landscapers will help you save both.

scheduling app for landscapers hubstaff

Hubstaff scheduling example

Help your company grow

Expanding your client list is the name of the game. If you are able to run your company efficiently, it will also allow it to grow efficiently.

You can increase your fleet without the growing pains of losing track of your financials and workflow. Time tracking with billing built-in makes sure your time and money (and sanity) are not lost.

Having a system to track financials is essential to any company’s growth, This is why using integrated billing and timesheet software is a necessity for any landscape companies that are looking to expand.

Your customers want to feel that their priorities are your priorities. Imagine being able to give your customers real-time information. To tell them a job has completed, to quickly troubleshoot a problem and let them know it’s been resolved.

Premier software is changing the way you can keep clients informed. If you are able to monitor a job as it happens and keep customers in the loop, you will show them you care about their needs.

Spending less time organizing and scheduling you can focus more on getting new customers and helping your business grow.

On top of seeing the progress of a job as it happens, you can invoice customers through the same app. Hubstaff keeps all your information in one, easy to use place.

Overcoming labor pains

Via Brian Horn at Garden Center Magazine

Who you work with is an issue in almost every industry, but for landscaping, it’s an especially important issue. Your employees are the face of your company, and we want it to be a good face.

You can’t be at every job site so you have to trust that your staff is working and acting professionally.

Using scheduling and timesheet software, you’ll be able to log and record employee productivity and it will help you find the perfect crew to send out on your jobs.

You won’t have to guess at who your most reliable employees are, you’ll be updated daily about them.

Quality labor means quality service, which in turn, means happy customers. Those customers become more likely to come back or recommend you to other potential customers.”

Look for support

With 24/7 customer support and 60-day money back guarantee, it’s worth seeing how Hubstaff can immediately impact the way your company does business.

Landscaping business apps will streamline the organizational aspects of your company so you can focus on the important stuff like increasing revenue, expanding your clientele, and making sure that weed whacker survives long enough to make it to the next generation.