Lumia Marketing – a full service marketing agency – was founded in June 2014 by Alen Malkoc, CEO, Lou Morales, COO, and Amer Grozdanic, CMO. The team has had a long history of success and lead Lumia to being acquired a mere 15 months after launching.

We interviewed Lou to learn more about Lumia, the secrets to its success, the challenges it faced, and how the team went from start-up to a successful exit so quickly. Keep reading this Lumia Marketing case study for the answers and some useful tips.

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Lumia Marketing’s whirlwind history

Alen and Lou first worked together on a hyper-local merchant platform in the daily deals space named Dealster which was acquired in January 2012. They then started Optyn, an email marketing platform, and soon brought Amer – an experienced entrepreneur, web developer and marketer – on board. After the successful sale of Optyn the team decided to use their expertise and experience and create Lumia.

Lumia Marketing Case Study

While there are a lot of digital agencies out there, Lumia stands apart by offering a team of true experts that are focused on ROI and measurable results for their clients. If they don’t think they can deliver value to a client, they won’t take them on. Everybody at Lumia draws on their wealth of experience, and all the team members have a background that shows they are true experts of their domains.

With a focus on ROI, if @lumiamarketing doesn't think they can deliver value to a client, they won’t take them on Click To Tweet

Lumia Portfolio | Lumia Marketing Case Study

This competitive advantage lead Lumia to be acquired by the Digerati Group 15 months after launching. The team continues to grow and there are now 17 staff operating under the Digerati umbrella of services. While Lumia’s trajectory has been phenomenal, there have been some speed bumps along the way that required some careful navigation, to make sure they avoided many of the traps other fast growing agencies fall into.

The right focus – The right tools

At the very beginning, when they needed to find clients, the Lumia team wasn’t as concerned about knowing the exact cost of a project; they just wanted to get the job. This resulted in long hours of work and sometimes unprofitable business, but clients were happy, Lumia’s reputation grew, and over time they were able to be more selective in what projects to accept. The focus on profitability lead the team to look for ways to increase efficiencies and productivity and avoid the trap of hiring more staffs every time work increased. This is where Hubstaff played a key role.

Hubstaff helped identify the bottlenecks

The Lumia team came across Hubstaff early on and quickly built it into their workflow. Lumia also introduced Hubstaff to its staff in India and Greece. The ability to control projects across multiple time zones was a big plus. Everyone found it to be unobtrusive, have a short learning curve, and because everybody understood why it was important, it soon became second nature to them.

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Not only is Lumia able to track how much time each job takes across different countries, but Hubstaff also helped them identify where the friction points are across all of their projects so they can identify any bottlenecks and resolve them. If it looks like the content creator is being overworked, then it may be time to bring on somebody to help. If they bring on a big client, they can look at everybody’s capacity to see if the current team can handle the work before making a new hire.

The bottom line – everyone at Lumia uses Hubstaff every single day and the company is more profitable and efficient as a result.

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Growth, growth, and growth

In the coming year, Lou and everybody at Lumia are focused on three things: growth, growth, and growth. Now that they have the procedures in place to manage, optimize, and expand their team, Lumia is moving upstream to bigger clients with bigger budgets. Instead of working just with startups, they are now working with national brands like Argo Tea and have even helped companies like Gramovox raise over $1 million dollars on Kickstarter. Their past successes have fueled a pipeline driven by word of mouth that doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

In Lou’s own words:

“For any business that needs to track projects, personnel, and time, Hubstaff is your best bet. It is a great product that does what it’s supposed to do, and does it well.”