[Infographic] Managing Remote Teams: 5 Keys to Setting Expectations


We’ve shown you that remote employees are extremely effective. And we’ve shown you how to find and hire a great remote team. But there’s another crucial step in managing remote teams to make sure they’re as productive as possible: setting expectations.

Communicating what you expect of your employees can be intimidating, especially when they’re remote. But in this infographic, you’ll learn the five types of expectations you should set with your remote team.

Managing remote teams: setting expectations infographic

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As you can see, managing remote teams doesn’t have to be made more difficult by poorly defined expectations. Use these five keys to set expectations for your team and you’ll have a much better working relationship.

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  • Can’t agree more on the communication point. We are working on a tool for remote workers specifically targeting the communication problem (beta signup at switchboardaudio.com). Keeping remote teams communicating and feeling that they are part of the team is really critical and a big problem we’re hoping to solve. Nice work on the blog, looking forward to reading more!

    • Dann Albright

      Looks like a really cool tool! I especially like that you can leave your music on—that would be an absolute necessity for me. 🙂