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Timesheets / Manual Time
We’ve been getting several requests for the ability to add manual time, and today I wanted to let you know that we’re almost ready to release it!
When completed, our manual time system will include:
  • Add, edit and delete manual time (phone, meetings, etc…)
  • Rates (set hourly rates for all workers)
  • Payments (process payments for staff based on date range)
  • Integrations (Easily pay your staff via PayPal, QuickBooks, FreshBooks) – Phase 2
  • Settings (toggle the ability to add / edit time on or off)
Here is where your team will be able to add time:

Manual time tracking

And here is the settings page where the owner / manager can toggle the ability to add time:


New Project Creation

Second, you’ll notice that you are now able to start new projects from the projects tab. Simply navigate to the Projects tab and click on the “+ New Project” tile, and you’ll be taken through the steps needed to create a new project for your organization.
New Projects

What’s Coming Next?

We’re going to roll out the manual time entries within the next 14 days or so. In addition, we will be releasing:

  • Employee / Contractor Payments from Hubstaff
  • Hourly Rates
  • New Timers for Windows and Mac

If you have any questions or suggested features, please let us know. We prioritize these releases based on user feedback.

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