Marketing on Instagram and Vine

Marketing has been changed with the evolution of social media marketing. Having a presence on Instagram, Vine, Facebook and Twitter, to name a few, has become a growing trend for most companies.

Introduction to Vine and Instagram

Vine is one of the latest video sharing apps. This app was launched by Twitter but resembles Instagram’s scrolling feed. Vine allows you to create a six second video that is either continuous or separate instances linked together. The app was launched in January 2013 and, in June, Vine had more posts on Twitter than Instagram. Vine is different from Instagram in the sense that it is video-only sharing, and these videos are shared 4x more than other online videos. I think Vine can be more beneficial for companies who are looking to explore new ideas and creative outlets to attract an audience.

Instagram is a top social media competitor. It is a user-friendly app that allows you to post short video clips and photos while applying different photo filters and Instagram captions. According to Simply Measured, 59% of the world’s top brands are now active on Instagram.

How Are Companies Using Vine and Instagram to Promote Their Business?

In the column, This Week On Vine, you will find some samples of how companies are getting creative with their videos. These vides are short, sweet and memorable. I appreciated the Lowe’s series, #lowesfixinsix, because they show you how to take care of a household chore long enough to hold your attention. Companies are using their time wisely in these super short segments to grab your attention, reel you in and make their brand memorable. Target went old school with a LiteBrite Vine, reintroducing the infamous toy while making their logo apparent.

Companies benefit from incorporating Vine into their marketing because it gives them the opportunity to be more creative by broadcasting a fast, engaging video that leaves the audience wanting more. Short demonstrations or introductions to new products will leave viewers intrigued and wanting to learn more about what they viewed. I like how companies are playing on the “6 second” time allowance and creating memorable tags and names for their series.

Hubspot shared the primary reason that businesses market their brand using Instagram is to show what it is like to work at their company. By humanizing their workers, the company seems more relatable, amiable and desirable. The main idea behind Instagram is to use hashtags to label photos and videos so they are searchable.

Getting on the Social Media Bandwagon

To some companies, all this social media upkeep seems overwhelming and the advantages are not apparent. Take a company like Mosquito Magnet. Just by seeing the name, I don’t have any idea what the product looks like. I assume it attracts mosquitoes or helps me with getting rid of mosquitoes, and to learn more I go to the website. I see a video on how the product works, but I don’t want to watch a four-minute video. I peruse the site to find a quick overview of the product, its benefits, how it works and how much it costs.

By creating an Instagram account, this type of company could post photos of installations to customers’ houses, photos of the products, pictures of the brainstorming session which led to the product creation (I envision imagines and sketches on a chalk board) and something to make it more appealing and personal to me — something to catch my attention. We live in a world where we want things fast. I want to know right off the bat what this does without having to click through all the tabs and read through it. Think if they created a Vine: picture a yard swarming with mosquitoes, jump cut to a person on a phone, the Mosquito Magnet truck pulling up to the street, shot of the Mosquito Magnet in the yard, and an over-dramatized vacuum effect of all the mosquitoes getting sucked up in the Mosquito Magnet trap. End with a happy family celebrating in the yard. It’s quick, easy, tells you what the product does and offers entertainment.

We’ve become so accustomed to seeing the logos for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Vine on marketing materials for our favorite companies. We expect those companies to be actively involved with providing fresh posts on these sites as a means of keeping in touch with their customers. This is where marketing has evolved, and it’s all about keeping up with trends to help keep growing companies on top.

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