Roll out the red carpet because we’re back to announce another new feature at Hubstaff. This time, we’re thrilled to give you the ability to add tasks to your Hubstaff projects.

Using tasks, you can break projects down into digestible steps for you and your team. Tasks are tangible to-do items that you can track time toward in Hubstaff.

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Why do we need tasks?

Maybe it seems like a small thing to be able to add a task. But to businesses who want more accurate time tracking, the tasks feature is a big deal. (It’s also a big deal to our development team who poured their hearts into making tasks simple and useful. Thanks a bunch!)

This new feature allows you to get an even clearer picture of what everyone is working on. You can also see how many steps it’ll take to accomplish a project.

For example, maybe you have a client rebrand project. From start to finish, that project may require brainstorming, research, moodboards, logo development, mandatory team happy hours, and a launch video. Those steps can all be added as tasks, and time can be tracked against them. Ok so maybe mandatory team happy hours aren’t a necessary step for a project, and maybe you wouldn’t want to track time toward them. But you could. In theory. It’s on the table is all I’m saying.

tasks page in hubstaff web app

The reviews are in

Early on, we asked customers for feedback on the new tasks feature. Here are the first few reviews we received:

“Awesome this is what I was waiting for”

“Great! Nice feature”



Can an endorsement get any better than the :heart_eyes: emojis? Add your first task to a project in Hubstaff and let us know. Maybe you’re more of a :slightly_smiling_face: person.

Add your first task

To add a task, simply go to the tasks page, which you’ll see on the left sidebar in the Hubstaff web app. You’ll see the “Add a task” button in the top right. Or, you can add a task directly in the desktop timer. Tasks sync immediately, so you can start tracking time as soon as they’re added. If you have more questions, you can also check out the entire step-by-step process.

And (maybe our favorite part) this new feature is 100% included with Hubstaff. If you’re already using Hubstaff, you don’t need to pay more to add tasks to your projects.

how to add basic task in hubstaff web app

In short, here’s why tasks are great

  • More accurate time tracking
  • Better view into how your team works on projects
  • Better estimating and timeline planning for the future by seeing which tasks require the most time and attention
  • Included with Hubstaff — no added fees, no integrations and no extra steps are needed to start using it

That’s the gist. Ready to add your first task? Don’t forget to give us your feedback when you get there.


As always, thank you from the bottom of our collective heart for using Hubstaff for your business. If you ever have ideas of how we can improve your experience, our inboxes are all ears.