New Sidebar Makes Navigation Easier and Faster

The New Sidebar Makes Your Dashboard a Lot Easier to Navigate

Today we are releasing the final phase of the redesign we’ve been working on.

  • Phase 1 was to redesign the content within each page to have a more clean and modern look
  • Phase 2 was to make each page responsive to display well on mobile devices
  • Phase 3 (releasing today) replaces the top navigation structure with left sidebar navigation

We’re super excited about this change because it makes Hubstaff much faster and easier to navigate.

We put together a video showing off some of the highlights.

The core components of the site structure are all the same, but there are some differences including:

  • The My Account section of the site is now on the bottom left of the screen
  • There is a new organizations page where you can see and manage all of your active organizations
  • When editing a specific organization, you will see an expanded version of the sidebar that allows you to switch between the organizations you own and easily access the main functions of an organization (payroll, billing, integrations, settings).

Here’s what the expanded sidebar looks like when you are editing an organization.


As always, we’d love your feedback and we realize the new sidebar navigation is a large change. If you need any help at all, our support team would love to provide assistance.

Thanks, and we hope you enjoy this new, faster navigation.

  • Lance Gweedo

    Secondly, I happen to be disabled based on a head injury I have had for a number of years now. One of the symptoms I experience is poor short term memory and being easily distracted or losing attention. It would be helpful if you had a feature in Hubstaff to provide greater accessibility for people like me. I envision it as something like this: Hubstaff is permitted to operate in the background. A service polls regularly for the opening of any applications entered in a list from the user. When a launch from the list is detected, a cartoon figure resembling a paper clip pops up and a text balloon appears saying, “I noticed you just launched Slack. It looks like you might have started your work time today. Let me help you with that. Would you like me to start your Hubstaff timer?”

    I see this as being a very popular feature that customers will appreciate and think of affectionately, and which you will likely keep for many years and Hubstaff versions to come. Perhaps other software developers will begin to imitate your cute and ingenious idea.

    By the way, the paper clip character could also pop up when one of the user’s work applications is closed and there are no more open. The paper clip could say, “I noticed you just closed Word and you don’t have any more work applications open. It looks like you might be finished working for the day. Let me help you with that. Would you like me to turn off your Hubstaff timer? Great! That’s all done! So it’s time to relax. Would you like me to launch Solitaire? I saw you type “no”, but I didn’t recognize the word you typed before that. Was it “Duck”? Maybe I could open your spell-checking app. Would you like that?”

  • Lance Gweedo

    First, while I like the changes, one thing I would REALLY appreciate would be to be able to see how many hours I have since my last cutoff from my boss without having to manually subtract hours from the previous cutoff period. In my particular case this is Sunday night at midnight in Denver, which is 2 pm Monday afternoon in my part of the world. While it may at times be nice to know what my hours have been for the past 7 days, I have a much STRONGER need to know how many hours I have behind me this week so I can quickly calculate how many more I need to put in.

    So, for example, if it’s Wednesday morning and I open my dashboard, it would be much handier to see that since my Monday afternoon (Denver’s midnight Sunday), I have worked 16 hours. If I’m working a 40 hour week, then I still need to complete 24 hours. Instead, I see that in the previous 7 days I have 43 hours. This will tend to throw me off, thinking I’m ahead of the curve, rather than behind.