New Sidebar Makes Navigation Easier and Faster

New Sidebar Makes Navigation Easier and Faster

Today we are releasing the final phase of the redesign we’ve been working on.

  • Phase 1 was to redesign the content within each page to have a more clean and modern look
  • Phase 2 was to make each page responsive to display well on mobile devices
  • Phase 3 (releasing today) replaces the top navigation structure with left sidebar navigation

We’re super excited about this change because it makes Hubstaff much faster and easier to navigate.

We put together a video showing off some of the highlights.

The core components of the site structure are all the same, but there are some differences including:

  • The My Account section of the site is now on the bottom left of the screen
  • There is a new organizations page where you can see and manage all of your active organizations
  • When editing a specific organization, you will see an expanded version of the sidebar that allows you to switch between the organizations you own and easily access the main functions of an organization (payroll, billing, integrations, settings).

Here’s what the expanded sidebar looks like when you are editing an organization.


As always, we’d love your feedback and we realize the new sidebar navigation is a large change. If you need any help at all, our support team would love to provide assistance.

Thanks, and we hope you enjoy this new, faster navigation.

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