New Feature: Project Tasks via API Integrations

One of our most requested features is ready for beta testing – time tracking by task.

Tasks API Integrations (Finally here!)

This is a feature our team has been working on for a long time and our customers have been requesting for even longer. We have been using it internally for the past month and it has already made our team much more efficient.

What you will be able to do is connect a Basecamp or PivotalTracker account to your organization and sync your tasks into Hubstaff. It is easy to setup and once configured it runs seamlessly in the background. Then your team can track time to particular tasks and all of the data is available within our fantastic new reports.

Big New Version for Mac, Windows and Linux

The Windows, Mac and Linux apps have all been redesigned to include tasks and other enhancements. Each app now has a much more native look and feel. We even alter the UI based on which version of Windows you are using.

Task tracking software

If you don’t use tasks the desktop app still runs in its usual small footprint.

Project Tracking Software

Join the Closed Beta (Basecamp & PivotalTracker)

We are releasing task integrations and the new desktop apps to select organizations as part of a closed beta. We need organizations who use Basecamp or PivotalTracker. If you want to beta test please sign up below and we will contact you. Other integrations will quickly follow and you can sign up for those betas now. (Click Read More… for the beta sign up form.)

Here’s a little more detail on exactly how our time tracking apps work and what’s coming next. Hubstaff will soon integrate with all of the popular project management applications (please sign up as a beta tester for your platform below).

  • You assign tasks to workers in project management apps like Asana, Basecamp, Jira, Trello and many more.
  • You map the team members present in the project management software to Hubstaff
  • Those team members will see their assigned tasks in the Hubstaff desktop app.
  • Your team tracks time to the tasks

When phase 2 is released Hubstaff will also upload the time and activity back into your project management software. Your team members will also be able to mark tasks as complete directly within the desktop app and those changes will be synced back.

We’ll be building our integrations in accordance with the needs of our users.  Please comment below with your requests for integrations or apply to be a beta tester below.

After receiving the application someone on our team will get in touch with you right away.

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