Running a nonprofit organization is a challenging but rewarding experience. Similar to operating a for-profit business, a nonprofit needs adequate resources and staff to achieve its philanthropic mission.

However, charities often struggle in their operations. They rely on winning financial support from grants and donors instead of traditional business profit models. That’s why good internal practices and solid management are even more essential for success in a nonprofit than for any other organization. They are crucial in order to optimize the use of limited human and financial resources that these types of groups often face.

To achieve solid results on altruistic goals, case management software for nonprofits is a huge help. In essence, project management solutions allow you to conduct data tracking and robust reporting on the clients you’re serving.

By compiling key information, you can have a clear overview to show your financial backers and stakeholders. It’s also an important tool for improving the internal processes and maximizing the overall potential of your organization.

Many software solutions offer discounts for nonprofits. If funding is tight it’s more than worth exploring these options, as they can significantly boost your organization’s performance with a moderate initial investment.

Here are some of the basics around nonprofit management solutions and their main types, as well as the best options on the market that you can choose from.

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The purpose and main types of nonprofit management software

Nonprofit organizations have particular management needs due to the socially engaged areas they typically work in. A management solution has to address the specific needs of charities’ workflows before it can truly add value to their operations.

General nonprofit management software

First of all, there are a number of general management solutions that target the day-to-day functioning of nonprofits. They provide assistance with streamlining client work and case handling by automating repetitive tasks, providing data management, and offering rich reporting options.

Membership management software

Another type of software for nonprofits can help specifically with the management of membership bases. Many organizations have members and collect regular donations or fees. They need effective ways to keep track of donor contributions, as well as to maintain meaningful and long-lasting relationships with members.

Grant management software

Last but not least, there are grant management software options. Nonprofits can use them in the process of grant research, data handling, and applications. They help with keeping an overview of the grant process and staying on top of crucial deadlines so that organizations don’t miss out on valuable grant money.

Other nonprofit software

There are other types of social work case management software solutions as well, which address different aspects of an organization’s internal processes. They’re useful in calculating the administrative costs for your nonprofit, and in assisting you with task management, volunteer management, scheduling and invoicing.

The top nonprofit case management software options

In the list below, you can find some of the best case software solutions on the market. Get acquainted with their features and benefits so that you can select the most appropriate one for your organization.

1. CiviCore Client and Case Management

CiviCore is a nonprofit software that has a dedicated client and case management solution. It offers flexible features that can adapt to your nonprofit’s workflow. CiviCore helps you automate routine tasks and make data entry easier and faster. Through its custom levels of secure access, it lets you direct the right information to the right people in your organization. You can also create detailed reports on your outcomes to make sure that you’re complying with any regulatory standards.

2. Apricot

Apricot is another solid option for case management. It offers client, service, and activity tracking and easy data input via its drag-and-drop functionalities. Apricot also provides you with outcome measurement tools. With them, you can easily gain insights into your activities’ results and report them to donors. In addition to case handling, Apricot can also assist you in volunteer tracking, donor management, and outcomes reporting.

3. Sumac

Sumac is a nonprofit software that has great functionalities for handling membership management. It allows you to define different types of members and payment rates, and has a number of customizable data fields that you can play around with. Applications, payments and renewals can all be easily automated, and there are robust reporting functions built-in. Thanks to its email marketing capabilities, Sumac can also create personalized messages so you can build up your relationships with members. Besides membership management, you can also handle fundraising, case and volunteer organization through the platform.

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4. EveryAction

EveryAction is a CRM platform specifically created for nonprofits. It combines donor and general management capabilities in one unified system. You can prepare and send targeted emails and multi-channel campaigns for reaching out to members and funders. EveryAction also provides functionalities for planned and monthly giving and one-click donations, as well as thorough segmentation of your membership lists. The platform offers event management, online action and advocacy features, paired with custom reporting.

5. CiviCore Grant Tracking Software

Besides client and case management, CiviCore also has a grant management solution. CiviCore GrantTracker+ helps you streamline your grant applications, tracking and reporting. You can store in it all relevant data, including communication, deadlines, funder contact information, and funding history. Additionally, GrantTracker+ provides you with collaboration functionalities, automatic recordkeeping, and auditing and reporting tools.

6. Hubstaff

Hubstaff is a time tracking software with a dedicated nonprofit solution offering a 30% discount for nonprofits. It’s beneficial for the planning and management needs of your organization, allowing you to use your time to achieve your charity’s goals rather than tackle administrative tasks.

With its help, you can easily track the hours spent by every employee or volunteer on each case or project. This gives you comprehensive insights into your nonprofit’s costs. You can also schedule the work of employees and volunteers, plus seamlessly deliver reporting related to grants and other funding that entails detailed data.

On top of that, Hubstaff Tasks, the platform’s agile project management solution, can help you optimize your internal processes. It offers automated Kanban-style workflows and communication tools for improving how your organization functions.

Get started with the right software for your organization

Whether you’re an owner or manager of a nonprofit, optimizing your resources to achieve maximum results for your socially important cause is a number one priority.

Case management software can play a tremendous role in the overhaul of your organization’s efficiency and success. Some of these top solutions will no doubt contribute to your nonprofit’s performance and keep your team members focused on what’s most important — making a difference in the world.