To whom it may concern:

I recently read about your issues with time fraud at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Normally I simply move on after reading this sort of news since there is often times little I can do to solve the issue. But when I read about this problem and the two year investigation that uncovered rampant issues with time tracking I knew I could help.

When SPEs were asked if they have the needed tools to address this abuse, 44 percent said they do not. But there are tools available to curb this issue. I happen to make one such tool called Hubstaff. It runs on a user’s desktop and provides proof of work while they track their time. It significantly reduces time fraud as a result. The software is easy to install and works on all major operating systems.

Hubstaff is extending the offer to allow the USPTO to use our time tracking software completely free of charge. By using this software thousands of hours that are currently unproven, but paid for by the government, would be eliminated. The savings would be in the millions. Those millions of dollars could be better spent on increasing the number of examiners in the workforce to more quickly work through the extensive backlog of pending patents.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is usually spoken about within the software industry in debates about whether software patents should be allowed. It is widely seen as a government agency that has had difficulty keeping abreast of the latest technology and one that issues patents to companies erroneously. Do not let this be another case where the USPTO is unable to adapt and use the very technology it grants patents for to help protect its reputation and the funds provided by hard working tax payers.


Jared Brown

CTO, Hubstaff, LLC


To everyone else:

Sign our petition on to urge the USPTO to use a time tracking tool with proof of work.

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