Outsourcing Software Development – Painless Methods the Top HR Firms Use

You’re considering outsourcing software development and you want to know how to do it properly. You have probably heard stories about people hiring offshore software developers and getting disappointed. It is hard to avoid the low skilled software developers who will do anything to get a job.

You might fear that you won’t get the best results in the long run, despite putting in a lot of effort. But there are some good tips that I’ll share with you to help make the search a lot easier. It’s great advice that makes the difference between you finding the most productive remote staff and ending up with some useless freelancers.

Being clear about what you need regarding software development

Companies run into outsourcing problems when they don’t clearly communicate what they need. After all, you’re probably going to be outsourcing to other continents, like Asia for example. Of course, whether you’re working with foreign employees or not, your job specifications need to be detailed.

Whether you’re writing a job post for a freelance website or job board, the rules are the same regarding clarity. You should communicate your needs in a clear and concise way.

  • State whether you need remote staff for a one-time project or long-term
  • Specify the required qualifications for the work
  • Give detailed expectations about the results that you’re expecting
  • Define deadlines for certain projects or tasks

On working with local software developers

You might be tempted to find a local software developer through a job board like Craigslist. When I say local, I am not only referring to someone who is in your county or city. I am talking about hiring US contractors for software development.

Hiring software development contractors from the US, UK, Australia or Canada will be very expensive. Good software developers from those countries won’t work for a low wage. Paying them a fortune does make outsourcing kind of useless, doesn’t it?

Freelancers are a better option than local software developers

Freelance websites are one of the best options for hiring affordable software development contractors. Famous freelance websites such as Elance and Freelancer attract contractors from all over the world.

But here is the tricky part: A lot of software development companies haven’t been content with freelance websites for the following reasons.

  • Freelance websites are overcrowded with cheap labor from third world countries
  • It takes too much time and effort to find the right contractors
  • There is no reliable way to assess how good the freelancers are at what they do

But don’t give up yet. If you know how to weed out the cheap labor from third world countries and develop a reliable way of checking for quality, you might actually find the right contractors.

Weeding out the cheap labor

You weed out the cheap labor by being very specific about knowledge requirements on your job post. By asking applicants to answer a few simple questions about their knowledge, you are already on a good path.

Here’s a little secret that will help you find out who is serious about getting the job. In your job post, ask them to reply with a specific word in the subject line. You could, for example, tell them that they should write ‘sunshine’ as the first word in the subject line.

By having them write that specific word in the subject line, you will be able to spot contractors who mass-apply for jobs. Remember to write the subject line instruction in the middle of the job post, instead of in the beginning or at the end. Most mass appliers will read only the beginning and the end of a job post.

Communicating with prospective contractors

It’s highly likely that you will end up with quite a few applicants. How do you find the right one among all those applicants? You should prepare to conduct at least two interviews. On the first interview, test the software development skills of your applicants.

Eliminate everyone who fails the test. After you are done with testing, you will probably still have too many applicants. You can conduct a second interview to ask them how they would handle your specific job tasks.

If some of the applicants have a portfolio, ask to take a look at it. The best applicants are those that have worked on software similar to the one that you’re planning to develop. If you stumble upon such applicants, the hiring process will become so much easier for you.

It’s a good idea to go further and call their references. Ask their previous employers a few questions regarding the contractor’s working habits and results. You’ll gain lots of insight from those calls. Those calls will greatly influence your final decision regarding whom to hire. Try some of these developer interview questions and techniques.

Lastly, notice how the applicants communicate with you. If they’re glad about answering all of your questions, that’s a good sign. If they are trying to hide something or if they are not being clear while answering questions, those are bad signs.

Outsourcing software development – the easiest way to do it

Hiring local software developers or even software development companies is a good idea but it’s way too expensive. Freelance websites do offer cheaper software developers but finding an ideal employee there is sometimes harder than finding a needle in a haystack.

It would be great if you could find a solution that combines freelancing prices and high quality. If you want to find a software developer, Hubstaff’s staffing solution offers what you’re looking for, which is high quality for a low price. With Hubstaff, you get the best of both worlds essentially.

You get other attractive benefits if you opt for Hubstaff Staffing Services. Say goodbye to spending all that valuable time looking for ideal contractors. Our service already employs the best contractors who were carefully picked and verified. Apart from verifying contractors, we have also negotiated low prices with them.

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At Hubstaff, you pay by the hour and you get to see what your contractors are doing on their screens. Our time tracking software takes random screenshots and it detects mouse activity.

Thanks to our time tracking software, you’ll be able to focus on your work without having to monitor your contractors.

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