Pivotal Tracker is an agile project management tool that allows businesses to break projects down into stories. These stories are small, actionable tasks that contribute to the completion of an entire project, piece by piece. Once a story is done and delivered to a client, a client can verify and accept it. This will ensure your clients’ needs are fulfilled and encourages open communication.

Pivotal Workspaces

By integrating Hubstaff and Pivotal Tracker, users will be able to record time they spend working on individual stories. Hubstaff’s software also helps you manage remote workers and contractors by taking randomized screenshots, activity levels and offering seamless automatic payments.

Hubstaff’s convenient desktop apps were natively designed in Mac, Windows and Linux to ensure compatibility with any operating system.

Pivotal Tracker Time Tracking


Integrate Hubstaff and Pivotal Tracker today in order to:

  • Efficiently track time to Pivotal Tracker stories.
  • Use employee monitoring tools to see what your remote teams are working on.
  • Analyze activity levels to discover productivity.
  • Access randomized screenshots that you can send to clients to show what services they’re paying for.
  • Automate payments and payroll from within your Hubstaff account.
  • Download, export or email time reports for internal or external use.

Learn how to integrate Hubstaff for efficient Pivotal Tracker time tracking.

Integrate Hubstaff with Pivotal Tracker

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Accurate Pivotal Tracker Time Tracking

Lightweight Desktop App

Hubstaff’s desktop apps were designed to quietly but efficiently track time in the background. Enable your remote teams to track time to Pivotal Tracker stories with the click of a button.

  • Start and stop recording time easily and efficiently with the push of a button.
  • Utilize a lightweight desktop app that is compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux.
  • Hubstaff’s app allows employees to work offline; time records and screenshots will be uploaded once the app reconnects to the Internet.
  • The desktop app displays all assigned Pivotal Tracker stories in one convenient place.
  • View due dates next to stories to prioritize work.
  • Add work notes to a time entry for clarification, as a memo, or as a reminder.

Easy Integration

Pivotal StoriesOnce you integrate Hubstaff and Pivotal Tracker, your stories will automatically sync. This eliminates the need to manually add stories to Hubstaff in order to record time to them. Integrate in just a few clicks to access the many benefits of Hubstaff’s software.

  • Quick and easy integration.
  • Sync all users.
  • Automatically assign stories to users.
  • Stories assigned to a user in Pivotal Tracker will automatically appear in his or her Hubstaff app.
  • Sync unlimited projects.

View a step-by-step guide on how to integrate here.

Remote Work Monitoring Tools

Hubstaff’s innovative employee monitoring software provides a clear view of what remote teams are working on while tracking time to Pivotal Tracker stories.

  • Randomized screenshots show the best picture of what a remote employee is doing.
  • Screenshot settings can be adjusted to blur screenshots or you can turn the feature off.
  • Adjust screenshot frequency to capture 1, 2 or 3 images per 10 minutes.
  • Screenshots can be sent to clients as proof of work and to show the exact services they are paying for.
  • Employee activity levels are measured based on key strokes and mouse movements.
  • Activity levels can be monitored, so you are immediately alerted to a drop in productivity.
  • Analyze activity levels to find your most productive team members.

Extensive Time Reports

Streamline your invoices, monitor budgets, keep easy business records and more with Hubstaff’s automatically generated time reports. These reports can be used internally or externally in a multitude of ways.

  • Time reports show how long individual stories take, so you can see which stories are taking too long.
  • Filter time reports by date, user or story.
  • Download, email or export reports.
  • Use reports to invoice clients. You can also choose to show them activity levels and/or work notes.
  • Download reports to use for business records.
  • Monitor reports to make sure your teams stay within budget.
  • Use reports to pay your employees/contractors for the exact amount of time worked.

Easy Automatic Payroll

You can send out payments and payroll accurately and automatically using the time your team records with Hubstaff. Automatic payroll makes it easy to manage your payments and always be on time for pay day.

  • Pay your remote employees for the exact amount of time they log using their Hubstaff desktop apps.
  • Pay your teams right from within your Hubstaff account.
  • Pay your teams automatically or manually.
  • Integrate PayPal for easy and secure payments.
  • Set different pay rates for individual employees and/or contractors.
  • Schedule payments according to your timeline. Pay day can come weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or twice a month.
  • Pay with different currencies.

Learn more about Automatic Payments and Payroll.

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