The Pivotal Tracker is an amazing project management bundle loved by many. Unfortunately, there is no Pivotal tracker time tracking feature, and that makes lots of Pivotal Tracker users sad.

Without a time tracking feature in Pivotal Tracker, it’s hard to know how much time your employees spend on certain tasks. Fortunately, there are a few time tracking applications that offer integration with Pivotal Tracker.

Choosing one would probably take you a lot of time testing and experiment. To save you some time, we’ve compiled and reviewed the best applications. All of these help add time tracking Pivotal Tracker, so pick one and have fun.

5 Ways to Get Pivotal Tracker Time Tracking


TimeCamp is a time tracking application that works smoothly whilst offering a ton of tools and 3rd party add-ons. One of the add-ons is the Pivotal Tracker option. This application allows you to focus on your tasks while tracking time and importing tasks and projects from Pivotal Tracker. With TimeCamp’s automatic synchronization, you won’t need to worry about losing track of task progress.

With Pivotal Tracker and TimeCamp integration, you can know how much time was spend on each story card. What’s a “story card”? A story card represents a sub-task in Pivotal Tracker. These Pivotal Tracker story cards synchronise with TimeCamp, allowing you to see the total recorded time for each task.

Timecamp is fairly easy to use for your employees – they just type in the project name and the time tracking starts. With TimeCamp’s phone app, you can even track time when you’re not on the computer. The time tracked in your app will automatically get recorded in the time sheets.


Everhour is a time tracking application that delivers detailed time tracking reports. These time tracking reports can be accessed by date, task, or employee. You can analyze your tasks with the help of labels, due dates, or other relevant information. Everhour offers integration with some of the most popular business management applications.

Everhour allows you to share time reports on Google Drive. Everhour’s time calendars allow you to manage your team’s activities, including working days, time off and more… With Everhour, invoicing becomes incredibly simple. You can use Xero’s accounting software to convert project hours into invoices, quickly and easily.

Everhour allows you to track time spent on Pivotal Tracker stories. With Everhour, it’s easy to create new time entries for pre-existing tasks. If your team is comprised of multiple members, any member can track time for a particular Pivotal Tracker story. With the help of the Everhour task report, you can monitor the progress of each team member separately.


Toggl is a time tracking application that allows you to monitor your employees either online or offline. Toggl is a great tool for managing teamwork. It allows you to create teams, assign tasks, and get detailed reports. Using Toggl is as simple as using Facebook. In order to invite new members to a project, all you need is their email. The process is fully automated.

Toggl allows you to choose whether you want certain team members to have access to certain data. By making data public or private, you can choose whether you want your employees to edit certain data. Toggl also allows you to keep your workspaces separate by maintaining a ‘company workspace’ category and a ‘moonlighting stuff’ category.

Toggl has created a Chrome Extension for Pivotal Tracker. This extension allows you to track time in Pivotal tracker with just one easy click. A Toggl timer is simply added to Pivotal Tracker tickets. As soon as the timer is initiated, the task’s name will be attached to the timer. This extension is open-source, and that means that you can personalize the Toggl Button and make it your own.


Worksnaps is a time tracking application that can help your team work and collaborate better. Everyone in your team will know who’s working on which task. With this kind of visibility and clarity, your team will be much more productive. The Worksnaps time tracker allows you to observe your employees as if they were in the office there with you.

Worksnaps is perfect for managing remote workers from all around the world. One “work snap” essentially records 10 minutes of work. With the help of screenshots, you can see what a certain employee has been doing for those ten minutes. Keyboard and mouse activities can also give you insight into what your employees have been doing for those 10 minutes.

You can judge how productive your employee was by examining the screenshot, the number of mouse clicks and keyboard strokes, as well as the application used. If you’re really keen on monitoring your employees, you can use the optional webcam image. That webcam image is taken at the same time as the screenshot.

Worksnaps is able to sync stories from Pivotal Tracker, which means that your employees can record time for each story and project. That’s how you are able to see how much time each employee has spent on each story. This Worksnaps-Pivotal Tracker integration allows for clarity and transparency of your team of employees.


Hubstaff offers a time tracking suite that can generate accurate activity reports about your employees. Our lightweight application allows you to check on your employees at any time. With accurate time tracking and detailed activity reports, you can know which employees are effective and which are ineffective.

Thanks to our optimized time tracking application, you can say goodbye to any wasted hours. Our time tracking application allows your employees to track time for any number of projects. You can always check on your employees and see how productive they have been with a particular project.

The best part about Hubstaff time tracking is that you get to choose the number of screenshots taken. You can choose between 1 and 3 screenshots per every 10 minutes. Alternatively, you can opt to get no screenshots at all. You can view timesheets and reports by date, project, or employee.

You can synchronize Hubstaff’s time tracking application with Pivotal Tracker. Use Hubstaff’s time tracking application to synchronize Pivotal Tracker stories with your employees. Your users can track their time using our time tracker while the application runs in the background. Each employee can see their stories in their time tracking application.

For more information on integration with Pivotal Tracker, Basecamp and more, check this out.