Bart Bartlett has more than 10 years of experience in sales, and after a career of working at more than 9 startups (including 2 exits, one of which was to Apple), he wanted to do something a bit different. A little over a year ago he partnered up with Amanda Moore and DemandZEN was born.

DemandZEN is a small team of cold callers, marketers, and salespeople dedicated to helping technology companies grow.

In this chat, Bart covers everything, from how to find customers, to the tools they use to run their agency, but where we really dig in is how his team applies the testing methodology to everything they do.

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If your pipeline is getting a bit stale, Bart’s sales tips in today’s episode are sure to freshen it up.

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Key Takeaways

Cold calling isn’t dead [16:45 – 21:30]

Cold calling is dead as soon as people stop answering their phones.

Most of us have two thoughts when we think about cold calling; either we think it is an old school tactic that doesn’t work anymore, or we think it is only done by sleazy sales people hell bent on ruining your dinner.

Bart makes the case that cold calling is alive and well, as long as you do it right. At DemandZEN, they differentiate themselves from the others by making sure the research is done right (giving them a list of qualified prospects), and they align their incentives with results for the client.

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To help you get results from cold calling, Bart identified 5 key components of an effective cold call:

  • Do your research so you are contacting the right people
  • Be brief– all you need is a minute of their time
  • Explain why your offering is different from the others (commoditized products don’t do well)
  • Present the benefits they can get from your offering
  • Ask if they want to learn more about it

Creatively leveraging content [23:00 – 28:25]

While content marketing may be the most popular buzz phrase of the last few years, it isn’t a new concept. Content has always been fundamental to marketing success. Blogs have just made it easier to create casual content, and social media has made it easier to promote, so now it seems like content (usually bad content) is all over the place.

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A common way to promote content is to create white papers on a narrow subject and promote them using specific keywords using a service like Adwords. The trouble is that (especially in a commoditized market) when your competitors are doing the same thing, it is tough to stand out.

To get around this for a client in the chemical testing space, the DemandZEN team realized that the searchers would benefit from something more interactive than a static white paper, so they created a click-to-call campaign that connected searchers directly to experts who could answer their questions about specific tests. This had a massive impact as their client was able to easily stand out from the crowd even though they didn’t fundamentally have a different service.

Test everything mindset [28:25 – 37:00]

Today is a dream world for marketers. One line of JavaScript lets you completely change everything about a page and run tests all from within an easy-to-use tool, like Unbounce or Optimizely. Instead of taking an engineering team a week to set up a single test, now marketers can run their own in minutes.

The attitude at DemandZEN is “always be testing,” because you simply can’t assume your first effort is going to be best (hint: it almost never is), nor can you expect what is profitable now to stay profitable forever. The testing methodology is so important because it gives you insight into what is changing when it happens.

The way to do this is to first be disciplined about how you use these tools. We’ve all heard about Google testing dozens of shades of blue to see what works best, so you may want to try testing a green button against a red button, but those tests are unlikely to move the needle. You need to take chances with your tests by trying new and outlandish approaches and seeing what happens. The wins can be huge, so it is worth it to try some unconventional thinking. But above all else, understand that the majority of your tests are going to fail, so you need to be comfortable with repeated failure.

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