Today Jake Jorgovan helps agency owners get the attention of potential clients using creative direct mail at Outbound Creative, but before that, he started out as an agency owner himself. Jake’s video production agency created graphics for stage production events like you would see at big conferences, but he wanted to stop depending on luck and referrals for sales.

To fix that, Jake started by building a list of the top 30 conference planners in the country. A deal with any of these planners would mean access to Fortune 500 companies with the budgets he wanted. But he also knew that these people are getting pitched all the time, so he’d need to do something to stand out.

This realization is what got Jake to first start experimenting with creative outreach (a more personalized approach to direct mail), and the resulting process is what he offers to agency owners through Outbound Creative today. Oh, and that original campaign he aimed at 30 conference planners? It directly led to $500,000 in deals for his video agency.

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These unique pieces now regularly drive 75%+ response rates from high profile prospects, and in this podcast Jake lays out the exact process he follows so you can do it yourself.

I can’t describe in words how cool these things are, you just have to see it:


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I’d give whoever sent me that a call. Wouldn’t you?

Key Takeaways

Yes, direct mail still works [5:00 – 13:30]

When thinking about direct mail, most of us think of the envelopes we get almost every day with bright red letters that say “IMPORTANT ACTION REQUIRED – TIME SENSITIVE” and assume that direct mail is just used in ways you’d never want to be associated with your agency. But Jake explains there is a right way to do direct mail that gets your prospects raving about you.

To get it right,  your goal needs to be to create something that is genuine, truly personalized, and cannot be ignored. When you do all of those things in the way Jake describes, getting a 75% response rate is not outside the realm of possibility.

If deals are typically worth at least $10,000 for your agency, then you have enough margin to start doing a lot of creative things to try to win new business. And as your deal size increases, it’s easy to see how this can become a sustainable part of your sales strategy.

The value of a dream client campaign [13:30 – 16:15]

Jake wanted to move his video agency up to the point where they were regularly doing $30K-150K deals, and he knew that there were only about 30 event planners who had the relationships to regularly bring them those deals.

Content marketing is all the rage now, but why spend so much time and effort to appeal to thousands of people who may never become your clients, and not spend any time reaching out directly to the handful who can be your best clients?

Identifying the potential clients who could transform your business and creating a plan to reach them is the basis of a “dream campaign,” which Chet Holmes originally made famous in his book The Ultimate Sales Machine. You shouldn’t throw away all of the methods you use to reach your bread and butter clients, but you need to always have a system in place to try to sell to these dream prospects.

Don’t settle for slowly working up the ladder and increasing your rates. Instead, be deliberate about constantly reaching out to the prospects you would love to work with and who let you jump to the top of the ladder.

Work on your business first [40:45 – 44:15]

We all know we should be spending more time growing our agency rather than just delivering client work, but it seems like that’s impossible with our hectic schedules.

Jake stresses the point that if you want to keep growing your business, you need to make it a priority and the best way to set aside an hour or two each morning to solely work on your business.

How many times have you said you will get to something later in the day, but after putting in a full day of work just kept putting it off? I do that all the time. Setting aside the time to work on your business before the day gets hectic is a great first step to taking back control of your business.

Want to learn more?

If you want to get more details on how you can win your dream clients through outbound marketing, check out Jake’s email course and newsletter. You can also catch him on Twitter, or listen to his podcast for agency owners, Working Without Pants. And if you want the results but don’t have the time to do it yourself, check out Outbound Creative.

Resources Mentioned:


Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes
Purple Cow by Seth Godin
Predictable Revenue by Aaron Ross

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Most agencies don’t have a real process for drumming up new business, and almost none have a process for consistently making contact with their dream clients. Where does your agency fit in? Share your story in the comments below.