When Kai Davis first began his career, he considered himself an SEO specialist. The trouble with that title, he quickly found out, is that many business owners already have a lot of preconceived notions about how SEO works, and they usually aren’t good.

Today, Kai bills himself as an outreach consultant. Instead of promising to use the latest trick of the week to jump you to the top of Google search results, he uses proven (and lasting) methods to help consultants and experts grow their audience and increase their traffic. Consistent traffic, in turn, helps to build an audience and keep your pipeline full.

Kai recently published a book called The Traffic Manual, which lays out the step-by-step system he follows to get results for his clients using podcasts. Today he joins me to share how you can follow the same methods to build an audience for your agency and keep your pipeline full.

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This is another episode where the show notes just couldn’t capture all of the great advice Kai gave. His responses throughout the show are not only succinct but also contain some of the most actionable advice we’ve had so far on the show.

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Key Takeaways

The importance of having an audience [15:30 – 23:40]

Kai’s new book, The Traffic Manual, lays out a repeatable step-by-step system to build an audience, but one of the big questions he often hears from agency owners is, “Why do I need an audience? All I want are clients.”

The reason it is important to have an audience is because of the simple fact that not everybody you talk to is going to be ready to buy your services today. If you have the mindset of building an audience, then instead of turning those people away you use your content to keep them engaged, provide value, and position yourself as an expert so that when they are ready to buy, they come to you first.

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If you only focus on the people ready to buy today, what happens when you don’t have work tomorrow? With an audience, you are able to keep your pipeline full and ensure that you never have to start from scratch and hunt for work.

Be persistent and always follow-up [30:15 – 37:30]

Not quitting after a single point of contact is a common trend that my guests seem to keep bringing up, and it’s a point that can’t be overstated.

People are busy. It isn’t uncommon for somebody to get over 100 emails a day, so don’t take it personally when you don’t get a response to a cold email. If you don’t hear back from them, it doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in what you have to offer. Most likely your email just fell through the cracks.

When reaching out to somebody you want to connect with, you need to be deliberately persistent. Have a plan for following up if you don’t get a response, and Kai says you should be prepared to follow-up 4-7 times.  To most people, not in the “follow up” cult, this probably seems insane, but implementing this attitude is one of the most important things you can do for your business (and personal life, too).

When reaching out to a cold lead, be prepared to follow-up 4-7 times Click To Tweet

To increase your chance of success even more, instead of just saying “Hey, just wanted to get your response…” your follow-ups should move the conversation forward. Keep your target updated on your progress and make it clear that you aren’t just twiddling your thumbs waiting for a response.

You need multiple acquisition channels [47:25 – 51:15]

Kai isn’t suggesting that you ditch everything else you are doing to find clients and go all-in on podcasting (or guest posting, or any other channel). What is important is that you are continuously trying new approaches to see what works best. And once you find something that works, double down on it, but don’t stop trying new things.

The agencies with a full pipeline and strong growth almost always have multiple channels they use to acquire customers. While some channels are more reliable than others, almost all of them have regular fluctuations (maybe they give you 2 leads one month, and 20 the next). By adding other channels, you help smooth out this process and make growth easier and more predictable.

On top of that, there is almost always a limit to what you can get from a single channel. If you are happy to stay small, as long as you manage your pipeline well to avoid droughts, a single channel could work. But if you want to build a true agency, you are going to have to tap into other sources.

Find out more

If you want to find out more about growing your audience, Kai was generous enough to put together some resources just Agency Advantage listeners. Find them at DoubleYourAudience.com

Not only did he package together some great insights that weren’t in the show, but he also included an exclusive discount on his book, The Traffic Manual.

Resources mentioned

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Philip Morgan
The Traffic Manual

Thanks for listening

How do you approach audience building? Is it a priority in your agency? Building an audience is something most of us know we should be doing, but few do a good job of actually following through with it.

I’d love to hear what you’ve tried and the results you got, so share your experience in the comments below.