James Carbary is the founder of Sweet Fish Media, an agency that helps their clients start 52 new relationships with their ideal prospects every year using a unique sales system built around podcasts. Instead of solely looking at podcasts as a way to build an audience, James sees them as a way to get his foot in the door with potential clients, build a relationship, and (eventually) make the sale.

This system is so powerful that James has used it to add nearly $5 million dollars to his agency’s pipeline this year, and has done the same for his clients in all sorts of different industries.

This is one of my favorite interviews not only because it completely shattered my perception of the value of podcasts, but also because it gives a step-by-step process that anybody can follow to do this on their own.

Whether you work with clients locally or around the world, there is a HUGE amount of untapped potential for agencies to use podcasts to dramatically expand your business. If you want to build a steady stream of new prospects or just want to build a better network, this episode has everything you need to get started.

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The 4-Step System

Step 1: Find Prospects

The process starts by building a list of prospects and finding their contact information. You want to be as specific as possible by narrowing in on things like industry and job title so that you are only targeting those whom you serve best. The value in this system is in connecting with your ideal client, so this step is crucial to get right.

Step 2: Start the Conversation

Once you have your list of prospects, you need to contact them. Reach out with a short pitch asking them if they’d be interested in coming on your podcast. Have a clear call-to-action. The entire goal of this email is just to get them to say yes or no, nothing more. Keep it simple!

Step 3: Develop Relationships

Every email you exchange, whether it is for deciding on topics or figuring out scheduling, helps build a personal connection with your prospect. For James, this doesn’t end after the podcast has been created. James sends the podcast guest a relevant book, connects with them on LinkedIn, and promotes their content on other sites.

Step 4: Close the Deal

At this point, you’ve had multiple emails and conversations with your prospect and have built a real relationship with your prospect that is based on value. When the time is right, continue to offer them value by showing them how your services can help their business. This could be a tear-down of their website, or a more casual summary of where you think they could improve. Because the prospect is no longer cold, they almost always agree to this call. Then it’s time to close the deal.

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What do you think about the system that James laid out in this interview? How would your business change if you were able to build a new relationship with one ideal prospect every single week?