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Kurt Effertz is the Director of Operations for Center City Print. His job entails everything from paying the bills to creating processes that help the long-term growth of the company. His company is one of the many satisfied Hubstaff users who use time tracking to improve efficiency. Kurt recently discussed his experience using Hubstaff with us. Read the short interview below to learn how using Hubstaff along with project management software Podio gave Center City Print an impressive lift in profitability.

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About the Company

Center City Print |
Center City Print was founded in 2012 as an expansion of 119 Media Group’s services. They provide professional, cutting edge designs and high-quality prints.

What problem did you have?

Our frustrations came from not being able to charge our clients efficiently or properly. This led to over- or under-charging clients and over- or under-paying the designers. The issue was between the real design time hours and the charged rate. We would have our designers submit a clock-in sheet every week. This cost would be passed on to the client, which would cause us more issues if the designer wasn’t able to provide these hours. We would end up estimating hours based on previous projects, which is not always accurate nor how we prefer to do business.

What was the solution?

Podio Hubstaff integration

We set up a team to research solutions for process issues we face in our company. After a few months of research into CRM software, we were impressed with how well Podio worked, even as a standalone tool. This made us want something that would integrate directly with it. We did a simple Google search for a Podio time tracking integration and tested at least 10 time trackers before we decided that Hubstaff was the best for our company.

This is how we use our Hubstaff and Podio integration; we’ll put a project into Podio along with all the content required to get the job done. We create a task in the project, which the designer will be notified of through the Hubstaff application. The designer will use the Podio time tracking feature, clocking in and out when the job is completed, then upload the files to our FTP. This has reduced the communication time between the designer and management. Both can now spend their time doing more important things.


So far Hubstaff has addressed many of the previous issues. It reduced our overall waste and turnaround time. Hubstaff provided us with a tool for better communication among all sectors of the company. The clients are billed properly and designers are paid what they are owed. With the employee monitoring tools, we can make sure that our designers are spending their time wisely, which leads to higher profitability.

What were the big wins?

We used to spend up to four hours a week reviewing all our time sheets, but now that time has been reduced to less than one hour per week.

I am happy to say that since adopting Podio time tracking we’ve been able to increase our design profitability by 20%. This will allow us to continue to improve and seek better ways of getting the job done as we proceed into the future.

Center City Print case study

Why would you recommend it?

If you’re like us and want it to be easy to concentrate on your clients, simplifying your daily processes is one of the most important steps. We recommend the Hubstaff’s Podio time tracking integration because it allows us to do our job more efficiently by giving clients proof of work, which keeps them happy and at the center of our attention.

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