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Podio provides a fresh way to collaborate virtually and work from anywhere. It connects project management and communication with a flexible tool that enables your team to see exactly what’s going on and what they should be doing.

how can you track time in podio

Hubstaff makes tracking time and keeping records automatic and seamless. Integrate Podio’s project management software and Hubstaff’s time tracking tools for an efficient, effective way to manage your remote teams. Hubstaff’s desktop apps are natively designed in Mac, Windows and Linux to eliminate compatibility issues.

Hubstaff Podio integration

Hubstaff’s integration for Podio will enable users to:

  • Record exactly how much time is spent on different Podio tasks.
  • Track time on a lightweight desktop app that won’t slow down computers.
  • Quickly and seamlessly link your Podio projects and users to Hubstaff.
  • Get detailed, customizable reports that are generated automatically.
  • View randomized employee screenshots to see what your team is working on.
  • Communicate easily and effectively with in-app notes.
  • Set budgets for projects or individuals.

Find a step-by-step guide on the integration at Podio Time Tracking Integration.

Effective Podio Time Tracking

Easy to Use

The desktop app that enables Podio time tracking displays important timekeeping information at a glance.

  • Users can start and stop their time with the push of a button.
  • Hubstaff desktop apps were natively designed in different operating systems to ensure functionality no matter whether your team uses Mac, Windows or Linux.
  • The desktop app shows project due dates, so your team knows which projects to prioritize.
  • Your team can manually add time to any of their tasks.
  • Users can add notes to time tracked. For example, a note can explain why manual time was added.

Searchable Analytic Reports

Hubstaff provides time reports based on the time your team tracks. You can customize these reports to display time logged in different date ranges or by different people. These detailed reports can be used in multiple ways.

  • Reports are downloadable and can be emailed.
  • Use Hubstaff’s time reports to make record-keeping easy.
  • Pay your employees for the exact amount of time worked on a project.
  • Invoice clients for the exact amount of time spent on a project.
  • Filter reports based on project or user.
  • Find out how much a particular employee worked over a specific period of time.

Activity Levels and Productivity Monitoring

By integrating Hubstaff and Podio, users will have access to more than just a way to record time. Hubstaff’s software also has innovative productivity monitoring software.

how the integration looks like exampleThe software takes randomized screenshots of your employees’ screens while they are logging time to a Podio task.

  • Adjust screenshot frequency to capture 1, 2 or 3 images every 10 minutes. You can also turn the feature off.
  • Send screenshots to clients along with invoices so they understand what services they are paying for.
  • Use the screenshots to ensure your team is working on the right projects. The screenshots can show possible discrepancies in work or if someone is working on the wrong task.

Hubstaff also displays activity levels for employees, ranging from 0 to 100% activity per 10 minutes.

  • Activity levels are based on key strokes and other computer movement.
  • These levels can show which of your employees are working with high efficiency.
  • Users can incorporate activity levels when giving employees feedback. For example, a manager can speak to an employee with regularly low activity levels, or praise an employee with consistently high activity levels.

Fast Setup and Maintenance

Hubstaff’s Podio time tracking integration is easy to set up and maintain. After the initial integration, it will automatically sync with Podio.

  • Your employees won’t have to manually add Podio tasks to Hubstaff.
  • You can link Podio users to Hubstaff.
  • Any of your linked users will be able to see their assigned Podio tasks in the Hubstaff app.
  • Your team can begin tracking time to their Podio tasks from Hubstaff.
  • Time tracked on specific Podio tasks will be posted to Podio when the task is marked as completed through Hubstaff.

Automate Payments and Payroll

When your team logs time with the time tracker, you can pay them directly from your account. Focus less on administrative tasks and more on growing your successful business with Hubstaff’s automated payments.

  • Link PayPal and Hubstaff in a few steps.
  • Pay your team automatically or manually.
  • Determine pay rates for different individuals.
  • Pay your team on your schedule, with options for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payments.
  • Pay your team members in different currencies.

Find out more about Hubstaff’s Automatic Payments and Payroll.


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