The SEO game has changed. Years ago, SEO was just about ranking higher on search engines. Now, it’s all about the content. Your page can have all the links leading back to it in the world, but if it’s not full of quality content, you’re never going to get that coveted top spot. Here’s why your PR and SEO need to get on the same page.

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They Belong Together

When the SEO game changed, the focus did. You’ll need quality content — stuff that engages readers and causes them to interact with you. Your page needs to promote informative content. If it sounds familiar, that’s because PRs have tried to do it all along. It’s fairly simple — great content leads to brand awareness, which leads to people sharing your content, driving more users in who will view the content and share it. The process then repeats over and over again.

Get Better Exposure

The point of a great PR team is to create exposure. This can come in the form of product reviews, launches, press releases, interviews, and more. It’s important that your entire PR schedule and activities be shared with your SEO team. The SEO team can expand these campaigns and get them to reach more people than you ever thought possible. If the point of PR is to get exposure, it only makes sense that your SEO team helps out. By extending your outreach, you’re simultaneously increasing your exposure and your influence, which can boost your brand’s online reputation. This will be especially handy when you plan to have extreme publicity stunts or attractions to promote an upcoming product. The PR team can mail out their usual people, but your SEO team is going to help you increase your exposure dramatically. SEO teams understand social media, so they’ll be able to get the word out quickly. This is especially handy if you only have a short amount of time to get the word out; you’ll be able to get journalists to cover your event on short notice.

Share Your Contacts

PR companies, obviously, have a list of contacts. These contacts are usually the first people who are notified of anything related to the company. They’re the ones that PR people will look to when they need exposure. Your SEO team will have a list of external website and blog targets. They don’t just pick randomly; they look at the details of the website, such as the page’s rank, how many unique visitors they average, and their Alexa rank. By sharing contacts, PR people will learn about site analytics, and the SEO team can learn about how relationships are built.

Evolve Your Press Release

Press releases are dated. They’re the same boring drivel every time. You need your press releases to evolve. Assuming you’re posting your press releases to your site, in addition to sending it out to inboxes, you need to get a few pointers from your SEO team. By adding certain SEO-friendly keywords to your press release, you’ll increase your website’s traffic exponentially. If you want to supercharge your press release, add some video interviews to it. These press releases could be posted on social media platforms, especially when you’re launching a product soon, so everyone from smartphone owners to those on the best tablet available can read and get hyped about your upcoming product launch. There’s no reason for your PR and SEO to not be on the same page. You can share calendars and contacts to increase your exposure, which will only increase your brand’s awareness. If your PR and SEO aren’t on the same page just yet, make sure to take the time to create some sort of system so everything can be streamlined. If your company has used any SEO tactics on press releases, how did it end up for your company? Leave a comment and let us know!

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