As another quarter winds down, we have a whole new batch of features and updates to share.

With our guiding principles of transparency, access, and control in mind, our latest focus has been on features such as work breaks, activity tracking, and work order improvements.

Keep on reading to learn about everything new and exciting, and then let us know what you think.

Track time to Jira epics

You can now use Hubstaff to track time spent on specific Jira epics. A lot of our customers have been requesting this feature, and it’s no wonder why — it allows for a seamless transition from one issue to the next without interrupting your workflow.

Ready to start tracking time to Jira epics?

Log in to your Hubstaff account and go to Integrations > Jira > Settings, and toggle on “Allow importing epics.” That’s it — Hubstaff will now import all your epics as to-dos, and you’ll be able to track time to them directly from any of the Hubstaff apps.

Not integrating with Jira yet? Check out this support page for a step-by-step tutorial on how to get started.

The new Activities page

If you spend a lot of time on the Activities page, this update is for you.

Previously, this page grouped screenshots together, so users had to open the screenshot gallery to view all the screenshots for the day.

We learned that some of our users weren’t aware that they had to open the gallery to see them all, which resulted in them not reviewing everything.

That’s why we updated the Activities page to show all screenshots of the day at the same time. This allows you to get a clear overview of a team member’s workday and see all screenshots along with their respective timestamps.

Hubstaff's updated screenshots page

You can also toggle back to the old view, which is a block of screenshots for every 10 minutes.

We’ve also improved load times and added new filters in the sidebar so you can sort and find the data you need faster.

But that’s not all.

Introducing Hubstaff Insights

Hubstaff Insights

At the top of the Activities page, you might have noticed a new bar. Surprise! It’s a sneak peek of a brand new feature coming soon called Insights.

With this new add-on, you can see benchmarks for hours, activity rates, to-dos accomplished, and more. In addition, you’ll be able to mark apps and URLs as productive or unproductive, breaking down your day and giving you a better recap.

Insights will be available for organizations as a whole and on an individual level. Similar to the timesheets page, you can see the day by 30-minute blocks of productive or unproductive time.

For now, the preview you’re seeing shows changes in hours tracked, activity, and to-dos.

A faster dashboard and a new sidebar

The next time you log in to Hubstaff, you’ll see a new and improved dashboard. The new design makes sure you’ll be able to get all the information that’s important to your team a lot faster.

We’re also currently rolling out the new sidebar, updating its looks and regrouping the menu items. Now, you have a more organized way of accessing all the features you need.

Hubstaff updated dashboard

Work breaks

Work breaks are live! You can now create paid or unpaid work break policies for your organization. Team members can track break time and switch between tasks and breaks more easily.

There are also options to add break time manually, as well as edit and delete work breaks.

Hubstaff work breaks

In the future, we’ll also be adding break rules and enforcements. This will allow you to set up different scenarios regarding when team members can take breaks (e.g., after working for two hours or more).

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Job attendance report

Wondering how often your team is on time? We have a new job attendance report you can use to see completed, late, and missed shifts within your organization.

Hubstaff job attendance

This data will help you improve accountability and understand whether you need to talk about punctuality with your team members.

As with any report, you can send, schedule, or export your job attendance report for future comparisons. For example, if you’re currently aiming to improve attendance, you can schedule this report to be sent daily or weekly so it’s readily available.

Track time after early timesheet approval

If users submitted a timesheet and it was approved before the end of a pay period, they couldn’t track time before a new pay period started.

We’ve addressed this in the latest update. Now, your team members can track time for a new pay period immediately after getting their timesheet approved.

No hours are lost, and submitted timesheets won’t change.

Work orders updates

We’ve made a lot of updates to work orders. Let’s take a look.


You can now use work order notifications to notify team members about jobs and get notifications when they miss or show up late for a job.

Team members will get notifications when:

  • They’re assigned to a job
  • They’re removed from a job
  • Their job is about to start
  • They’re late for a job
  • They missed a job


A lot of our users track time in both projects and work orders. When you’re tracking time this way, it can sometimes be hard to differentiate between time entries.

That’s why we’ve updated the user interface in all the Hubstaff apps to support dynamic labels. From now on, you’ll be able to see whether a time entry is related to a work order, a project, or both.

Automatically start or stop tracking time

When you create a job, Hubstaff will create a Job site automatically, which means you can use geofenced time tracking for that location. Geofencing auto-starts or stops the timer when team members enter or leave a Job site. This should make your crews’ lives a lot easier and ensure they don’t forget to track their time when on a job.

It will also improve the accuracy of your timesheets and help you make better job estimates in the future.

Pay team invoices directly

Previously, you were only able to record payments for team invoices from the Hubstaff dashboard. Now, you can pay invoices directly through your payment integration of choice.

This should save you some time so you can focus on more important tasks.

Payments in Hubstaff invoices

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Hubstaff Tasks

Attachments in list view

We’ve updated the default view for attachments from grid to list view. Now, you’ll be able to see and find attachments of all types more easily. You can parse through a list while still seeing comment attachments as thumbnails if you prefer.

Easily toggle between grid and list view anytime.

tasks feature update


More efficient task copying

When copying a task, you can now select the right Epic for the new task you’re creating along with the start date. This will make copying tasks even more efficient.

That’s it (for now)

Are you already using any of these new features? Which one is your favorite?

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