30 Project Management Software Solutions

30 Project Management Software Solutions

Projects can get complicated, with endless streams of email threads and client meetings that seem to pop out of nowhere. All the members of a team need to work in perfect synchronization in order to get big projects completed within deadline, everyone from the content coordinators to the graphic designers need to be kept informed and on track. When working in a distributed team without a common office space, this coordination becomes even more tricky without the help of project management software.

Project management software is used to help remote teams keep track of essential workflow items, which include;

  • The details and description of what needs to be done
  • Who is assigned to and responsible for a given task
  • Task priorities and order of importance
  • Comments and discussions regarding a task

A project manager can be relied on to outline the items above and assign individual tasks to specific team members. From there on, the team collaborates to get the job done effectively with project management software. Below are 30 online solutions that can help your team work more efficiently and cohesively, from wherever they choose to work.

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Online Project Management Software Options

1. Teamwork – This software includes Gantt charts, a desktop timer app and a “lockdown” privacy option. You read read reviews of their product on their website for users opinions. Desktop Timer App and its unique “Lockdown” privacy option..

Teamwork integrates with Hubstaff in a few easy clicks.

Basecamp2. Basecamp – Basecamp is efficient and popular among many project managers because of its simple user interface and easy organization structures. Basecamp also has file managing features, intuitive navigation and works great on mobile phones. You can read about how different companies have used Basecamp to improve their project management here.

Basecamp integrates with Hubstaff for ultra-accurate time tracking.

3. Zoho – Zoho has almost everything you need for project management solutions and business monitoring. They feature project forms, time tracking collaboration software and more. Zoho also has a user forum with comments, questions and feedback, such as reviews.

Zoho integrates with Hubstaff to provide even more insight into projects.

4. Freshbooks – Freshbooks is great to use for bookkeeping and accounting projects because of their quick billing and invoices. It’s navigable on all devices, so you can even record numbers and expenses on-the-go. For more insight, read CPA Advisor’s review of Freshbooks.

5. Centraldesktop – Centraldesktop automatically assigns tasks to team members, can support web meetings and Cloud collaboration, and is mobile responsive. Your team can use it to share files and ideas, as well as connect with each other and clients. Learn more from TechReplubic’s review of Centraldesktop.

asana-logo-tiny6. Asana – With a variety of ways to keep track of what’s going on, Asana is great for teams of any size. Tasks, projects, conversations, dashboards, mobile apps, and everything else you could need to project management are available through Asana. The easy project status updates are a standout feature.

7. Deskaway – Deskaway has time tracker features and essential project management collaboration tools. It offers reporting and data, and has third-party integration features so you can combine Freshbooks, Google Apps, social media and more. Deskaway allows a 30 day free trial, after which you can choose a plan based on what you need; email support, video tutorials and personalized help.

8. Smartsheet – Smartsheet creates customized web forms that make data gathering more manageable.”Live” reports is one of its unique features and the software scales quickly so that users have the control. Learn more about Smartsheet in a comparison between Microsoft Project vs Smartsheet.

9. 5 pm Project Management – 5 pm Project Management has supports multiple languages, easy installation and is so simple you won’t need an IT department to maintain it. Read a review of 5 pm’s project management tools (including best fit, pricing and customer service feedback) at BestReviews.

10. Aceproject – This project management software has a time monitoring tools and HR features, in addition to the essential project and data management tools. Aceproject’s review page features an impressive selection of well known site reviews of Aceproject’s software.

Redbooth11. Redbooth – Formerly known as Teambox, this software has multiple email-related features, such as task creation and management via email, email notifications and reply, and role-based permission and headquarters for your apps. Redbooth is a great work management tool for businesses regulated by the US Sarbanes-Oxley Act along with healthcare providers and manufacturers who adhere to HIPAA regulations. It’s a comprehensive collaboration solution for companies to access, share, and manage its content with bank-grade security.

Redbooth integrates with Hubstaff for seamless time tracking and collaboration.

12.Fengoffice – Feng Office caters to user administration and basic project management tasks like work spaces, documents, search and filters, and others. Fengoffice offers users a forum for support, questions and announcements as well as their support page for FAQs.

13. Huddle – Huddle offers a secure workspace for your team and allows you to share files, track actions and work securely. More than 100,000 organizations trust Huddle with their project management needs. Read PCMag’s review of Huddle’s offerings to learn more.

14. Wrike – Wrike can help teams manage limitless projects, subprojects, tasks and data. It will help coordinate team schedules from anywhere, as it is also mobile-responsive (just download the app). Wrike regularly offers a live webinar to introduce their features.

Wrike integrates with Hubstaff so you can track time to individual tasks.

15. Goplan – Goplan provides project status info with activity streams, discussions and more. When project management gets hard, Goplan makes it fun and easy to manage your projects with task planning, issue tracking, scheduling and more.

egroupware16. Egroupware – Egroupware has an online calendar, wiki, chat, task tracking system and incident management tools. They offer a demo and 30-day trial period so you can see if their tools fit your needs. Find out what others have to say about it from the Bright Hub Project Management review.

clarizen logo17. Clarizen – Clarizen offers core project management and resource management at the same time. Their tools are designed to help project managers, IT teams and marketing teams. Clarizen has also won numerous awards for best project management services, including the 2013 SIAA CODiE for Best Project Management Software.

18. Hyperoffice – This project management software features intra- and extranet solutions in addition to basic project collaboration tools. They also offer videos and live webinars on their website. They have a business email service, online calendar, online management software, task manager, file manager, custom online portal and online contact management services.

19. LiquidPlanner – LiquidPlanner offers predictive project management for fast-paced teams. Features include project scheduling, organization and collaboration tools and task timers. Their website also offers crash course videos and product tours to get new users acquainted with their features. Check out their case studies to see how their customers have used LiquidPlanner to boost productivity.

LiquidPlanner integrates with Hubstaff so you can monitor productivity while collaborating.

20. Visma – Visma uses the extranet for customer communication and allows project managers to work with seamless workflows and automatic invoicing. Their software can integrate with CRM and other useful software. They also have an extensive knowledge base to help manage your business, from sales to billing.

21. Glasscubes – Glasscubes offers easy file, document, image and business contact sharing between your team and clients. This software comes from the UK, with prestigious clients such as NHS and Saatchi and Saatchi.

22. Tenrox – Tenrox can help you manage resource workers, plan projects, track time, and organize expenses.

thymer_logo23. Thymer – Thymer supports simple and seamless team creation, with the ability to join different times and switch back and forth. Read some of the buzz about Thymer here.

24. Projectturf – This project management software solution is famous for dynamic Gantt charts and multiple administrator global dashboards that allow multiple assignments. They offer a 14-day free trial. You can read about the latest Projectturn developments on their blog.

25. Producteev – Producteev has everything from simple labels and reminders to enormous file-sharing capabilities and real-time tracking tools. Their website features some impressive reviews from clients like Skullcandy, Standford University, Hitachi and the Financial Times.

Producteev integrates with Hubstaff for efficient time tracking.

Only office126. OnlyOffice – OnlyOffice, formerly known as Teamlab, was developed for team collaboration. It is a cloud business service that enables you to manage projects, customer relations and documents in one place. Your team can use OnlyOffice to edit documents, use a simple CRM system to boost sales, coordinate on project from anywhere in the world and manage emails.

27. Web2project – This is a free, open-source project management system that offers a secure, web-based infrastructure, role-based permission systems so you can give different team members different levels of access based on their job requirements, a unified calendar and more. It has great Gantt charts and Microsoft project importing options.

28. Mavenlink – Mavenlink is an integrated business and project management tool that has time tracking, expense tracking, invoicing features, budgeting tools and more.

Mavenlink integrates with Hubstaff for easy payments and invoicing.

29. Group Office – Group Office helps teams keep track of customer-related notes and host all project-related information in one place. Learn more about this project management software solution from TechRepublic’s review of Group-Office.

Brightpod30. Brightpod – Brightpod has allows you to view project progress at a glance and includes a calendar to view tasks, events, content publish dates, and more. It also makes it easy to track recurring tasks and project deadlines.

Need More than Just Project Management?

Utilize Hubstaff to track time and monitor your team’s productivity. You can gain a clear picture of what your remote teams are working on with optional randomized screenshots, activity levels and downloadable reports that can be used to invoice clients or for business records. Hubstaff could even enable your teams to focus more on your projects and less on administrative tasks with automatic payments and a vetted staffing service.

Hubstaff can also integrate with your chosen project management software in just a few clicks, or you can check out our own kanban project management tool, Hubstaff Tasks.

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