There’s no substitute for great project management software. However, more managers are realizing that time tracking has the potential to improve the process of planning work, estimating more accurately, and billing clients with great precision. According to our Remote Project Management Report, 61% of companies use a time tracking solution for all their employees.

These time and project management tools make it incredibly easy for team leaders and managers to keep track of absolutely everything, without burdening team members with additional work. A whole range of software has been created to help make project management easier and more efficient. Each solution offers a range of features that can help transform the daily life of a project manager.

Because of the sheer number of project management software solutions out there, you might find it hard to decide which one is perfect for your team—that’s why we’ve taken the lead and collected 11 of the best options for project and time management available.

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1. Hubstaff Tasks

Hubstaff Tasks is a visual drag-and-drop Agile project management software designed to increase team productivity and help you collaborate better as a team. For Agile teams, or teams who are interested in Agile, Hubstaff Tasks offers all of the best parts without the confusion or unnecessary features. You’ll get access to:

  • Sprints
  • Automated Stand-ups
  • Epics
  • Roadmaps and Timelines

— just to name a few.

You can track time directly to the task you’re working on right from your web browser. Simply open the task from your Sprint view or the Kanban project board, hit the start button in the blue bar and you’re tracking time.

Even better, you can see the total hours worked on that task along with the estimated hours, as shown here in your Sprint view.

Hubstaff Tasks lets managers automate processes, create workflows, and gain visibility into team and project work. By estimating hours, you can make sure team members aren’t overloaded or won’t have enough to work on. Keep track as you go and see which tasks went over estimated hours so you  can plan better for the future.

Hubstaff Tasks is completely free for teams of up to five. See pricing here.

Hubstaff Tasks task columns

2. Use Hubstaff with your favorite PM tool


Hubstaff is a leading time tracking software that integrates with 30 project management tools, apps, and software platforms so that your team doesn’t have to adapt or change processes to track time more efficiently. Whether you’re using Asana or Basecamp, Github or Redbooth, this software pulls in data from all of them and helps you to understand how much time your team is spending on each task.

Hubstaff allows you to check in on the productivity of each team member with activity levels, app, and URL tracking. What’s more, you can turn on or off random screenshots for each team member to help you gain a better understanding of how work gets done.

The in-depth reporting features can also help you make informed staffing and planning decisions that are crucial for business success.

For the whole team, all it takes is one click to get going. Each person can see the total number of hours they have worked anytime. And with Hubstaff’s time off management feature, scheduling holidays and time away from work has never been easier.

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3. Mavenlink

Built specifically for agency teams, Mavenlink helps project managers get the best out of their team. It is a dedicated project management system with time tracking features. Mavenlink allows project managers to gain an in-depth insight into the workings of their teams and the progress of their projects. How?

Via complex, but informative, reports and data outputs.


The time tracking features mean that it’s possible to track team productivity and activity so that you can increase efficiency and minimize time waste. These features, coupled with the in-depth reporting, mean that you can quickly identify which tasks and employees are slowing projects down and preventing things from moving forward.

In-app Gantt charts, resource allocation features, and team collaboration features (like chat and file sharing), mean that it’s easy to organize your team members and make sure that projects are running smoothly.

Mavenlink also includes accounting features that mean that you can track employee expenses, set budgets, and receive payments with minimal time and effort. Because of its ability to track changes in real-time, Mavenlink empowers you to control your budget and manage client expectations at a glance.

Pricing for Mavenlink’s professional plan (which includes the widest range of features) starts at $39/user per month.

4. Replicon

An enterprise-grade project management and time tracking solution that’s made up of multiple products, Replicon is perfect for project managers who oversee large teams. Built around a cloud-based system with a focus on security, Replicon’s apps work across a whole range of devices so that your team members can track their time and their work anywhere.

replicon timeattend

Replicon TimeAttend allows you to capture every billable hour, so that projects are fully paid for, and that there is no time or resource waste. This feature, supported by comprehensive reports, makes it easy for you to accurately improve project costing by giving you better insights into how your team runs and how long projects take.

Replicon also allows enterprise customers to track time and attendance. So you are fully compliant with labor regulations.

relicon ppm

RepliconPPM is a project management system that allows you to create multi-level hierarchies, establish project milestones, set budgets, and time limits, and get a real-time overview of project progress. PPM also allows you to allocate resources in seconds and makes it possible for you to forecast resource requirements for future projects.

Replicon is ideal for enterprise project managers looking for comprehensive solutions that are suited to large organizations. However, the need for multiple software packages can be off-putting to those looking for a streamlined solution.

Replicon TimeAttend starts from $30/month for 5 users.

5. Wrike

Wrike is a great platform that combines project management features with extensive collaboration support and time tracking capabilities. It is used by leading companies around the world, from Amazon to Capgemini. Wrike features tools that will make every product manager’s life a dream.

Wrike has:

  • custom dashboards
  • workload systems
  • interactive project timelines
  • a real-time newsfeed (so you can see what tasks are being completed right now)
  • and document sharing


Wrike stands out from other project management in its ability to mention team members, assign them to tasks, and collaborate with them on an on-going basis.

The time tracking features allow you to keep a close eye on how your team members are tackling projects and individual tasks. You can dial resources up or down accordingly and are always informed of every development.

Wrike has native iOS and Android apps and supports a range of desktop operating systems. Your team can, therefore, keep the devices they love, and still benefit from every feature.

The tool is free for up to 5 users (with limited features) and then starts at $10/user per month.

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6. ProofHub

ProofHub is a popular software solution for project and time management. The software is designed to help growing teams and businesses plan, organize, collaborate, track, and deliver work more efficiently.


ProofHub comes with an intuitive user interface and a huge set of features that’s useful to just about any project or team. This includes Me view, Gantt charts, Kanban boards, timesheets, reports, group messaging, and more. ProofHub’s features make it a good all-around option no matter what your approach to project management is.

In addition to this, ProofHub enables you to integrate with several third-party apps like Freshbooks, Google Calendar, iCal, Google Drive, and OneDrive.

ProofHub’s pricing plans start at $45/month, with unlimited users. You can try out the 14-day free trial which includes all its features to see what ProofHub can do for you. ProofHub offers discounts to nonprofits as well.

7. Trigger

Trigger was built specifically for consulting teams. It offers a portal for all the work your team does for every client. This is perfect for project managers who look after multiple teams for different clients. Trigger makes it easy to group every bit of information into a centralized location.


Each portal supports an individual activity stream, projects, tasks, timesheets, auto-invoices, and online reporting. This means that you no longer have to create multiple accounts for multiple clients. Nor do you have to balance different projects and workloads across different apps.

What’s more, Trigger offers automatic time tracking features. This means that your employees never have to click more than one button to get going. Timesheets are also generated automatically, so you never have to pull your team away from their work. Unlike other tools, Trigger doesn’t track which applications or websites your team members are using or visiting. This can be a disadvantage if you are managing remote teams.

Trigger’s pricing is incredibly simple. It offers all features for $11 per employee, per month—a 30-day free trial is also available.

8. 5pm

Loved by companies like McDonald’s and Autodesk, 5pm has a range of powerful tools that help you to work better. Its team collaboration features let you share projects, tasks, notes and files, and interactive timelines that let you get a clear overview of projects and your workload.

5pm also has fully customizable dashboards and reports that allow you to tailor your experience directly to your needs.

Alongside this, 5pm is available in 26 languages. It has a social toolbar so that you can see which members of your team are online at any time, and even chat with them in the app.

5pm app

While other project management solutions have built-in time tracking functionality, 5pm relies on a third-party application to help you keep track of everything your employees are working on. It doesn’t have the powerful features that Hubstaff has, but it offers basic time tracking and timesheet maintenance.

Pricing ranges from $24/month for 5 users and 10 active projects, to $199/month for unlimited projects and unlimited users.

9. Avaza

Avaza provides powerful and easy-to-use tools to assist in running a business. Project managers can take advantage of the drag-and-drop task management (that offers support for estimates and real-time progress), planning tools, and automatic task reminders.

Avaza integrates with email so that your teams are able to collaborate on projects in real-time. Supporting this is a content management system that lets you store documents online for your whole team to access.

avaza software

Time tracking features allow you to optimize your business and track every hour your employees work so that you can bill for full amounts. The features also offer integrated project management so you can see how long tasks are taking and plan accordingly.

Tracked time can be exported to in-depth reports that can be used for internal performance reviews, or sent to clients for their consideration.

Beyond this, Avaza offers bank-grade security, support for expense tracking and invoicing, and integrations for several leading apps like Zapier and Stripe.

Avaza has a free tier which supports 10 customers and 5 active projects. Paid plans range in price from $9.95 per month (for unlimited customers and 20 active projects) to $39.95 per month (for unlimited customers and unlimited projects).

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10. Harvest

Harvest is an application for those focused on tracking the time their employees spend per project. It also helps those who want the ability to manage tasks and projects simultaneously.

With advanced time tracking features that let your team track the hours they spend working on all of their devices (Harvest supports Android, iPhone, Apple Watch and a range desktop operating systems), the app also analyzes your team’s data so that you don’t have to. It generates reports that can give you information on billable and non-billable time for all of your team members.

harvest app

Harvest also supports expense logging, auto-invoice generation, and timesheet approval systems. This allows you to remove friction in your business and focus on providing high-quality service tor your clients.

Another great feature is that it also integrates with 80 popular apps. So you can manage projects (using Asana, Trello, or Basecamp), track employee time spent working in Zendesk, and accept payments using Stripe.

Pricing for Harvest is $12/user per month with an unlimited number of projects.

11. Dovico

Dovico is a leading project management system with time tracking. Their clients range from Allianz to Burt’s Bees. Dovico Timesheet is offered as a base product with a range of free app add-ons. Its powerful features can help you to track all of your employees, and manage large teams.

With support for time and expense tracking, with added functionality that lets you measure billable and non-billable time, and automated e-mail notifications that help you to remember to do important tasks, Dovico offers a useful and easy-to-learn software solution.

dovico software

Dovico also supports task assignments and has a project dashboard so you can monitor your tasks and projects at a glance.

Dovico is trusted by many large companies. But, its time tracking and project management features are less extensive than other alternatives. Dovico’s time tracking doesn’t have an automated feature. It also and doesn’t monitor activity or applications and URL visits. In other words, you are unable to get a deep insight into how your employees work.

Pricing for Dovico is a flat $15/user per month, although there are discounts available for large purchases.

Have you found the right project management and time tracking solution?

Project time tracker comes with many different features for many different teams. There’s something out there for every need and budget.

If you know of any other great project management and time tracking solutions, let us know in the comments!