Welcome to Hubstaff! This guide is meant to be guide for new users.  We look forward to helping you easily track time, activity levels, and communicate more effectively with your team.  By now, you should have received an email from your manager that invited you to join Hubstaff. It looks like this:

Step 1: Accept invitation

You should receive an email with a invitation link. Please make sure to check your spam/junk folder as well.

how to start using hubstaff - guide

Once you click on that link, then you’ll be sent to the Hubstaff Sign Up page.  This is the page that will create your account in Hubstaff.

create account in hubstaff

Now that you have a Hubstaff account the last thing that needs to happen is to confirm that account. You’ll now be sent an email that looks like this:

Confirm account - user

After confirming your account, You are all set and you can login here: https://hubstaff.com/login

Step 2: Download the Desktop Client

The first step is to download the Hubstaff Client.  You can always download the Hubstaff client by going to our download page in the Hubstaff web interface.



There are two options for downloading the client. You can navigate directly to https://hubstaff.com/download Or you can find the link in the Hubstaff Web interface.


Hubstaff supports Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems, and you should download and install the corresponding client for your machine.

Step 3 – Installing and Signing into the Client

Once you have downloaded the client, you will be prompted to install it.  Please go through the process of installing the client, and once the client is properly installed you will see an icon in your task bar like this:

Mac Desktop Client

Linux Desktop Client

Windows Desktop Client

Your manager has set up projects in Hubstaff and given you access to a certain number (or all) of those projects.  When you start the client, and login, you’ll be presented with any number of projects to select.  You should always select the project that you are currently working on, as these projects will be reflected in your reports in the Hubstaff web interface.

At this point you should be able to track time for any project that you are authorized to work on by your manager.  It may be a good idea to inform your manager that you have successful installed and activated your Hubstaff client so they can confirm that everything is working correctly.

hubstaff app

Step 4: Check your “Activity” page for screenshots, time and activity percentages.


How are activity levels calculated?

Hubstaff calculates the % of mouse and keyboard strokes and therefore the % that you will see on the activities page. Click here to learn more.

How is Time Tracked and Calculated in Hubstaff?

Unlike some other time tracking systems, Hubstaff doesn’t just assume that an employee is active for every 10 or 15 minute segment. Instead Hubstaff only credits workers with the actual time that was spent in front of the computer and active. Click here to learn more.

Integrations and tasks:

What do “Tasks are not enabled” mean?

The tasks window is where you should see your tasks when the organization owner integrates their project management tool with Hubstaff. Our current list of project management integrations is available here. To enable an integration with these sites, please contact the organization owner.


Deleting screenshots:

ONLY organization/project managers and owners can delete screenshots; You must contact the organization owner so they can give you access to do this. Click here to learn how to delete screenshots.

Can Activity be Deleted?

Activity can be deleted for any 10 minute segment.  However the activity can only be deleted by the person who performed the work.  Deleting activity will remove the activity from reports and delete the time, mouse clicks, and keyboard stroke activity. You must contact the organization owner so they can give you access to do this. Click here to learn how to delete activity.

How to add, delete, and edit manual time entries?

You can add and delete time manually by going to the “Timesheets” tab, clicking on the “Work log” tab, and clicking on the “Add Time” button as seen below. You must contact the organization owner so they can give you access to do this. Click here to learn how to make manual time editions.

If you have any questions at all, you can always find us at http://www.hubstaff.com or our desk at https://support.hubstaff.com

If you don’t have a Hubstaff account yet, you can get a free one here: https://hubstaff.com/signup

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