Sales is one of the most demanding industries to be in. Whether you’re in the field or managing a team, your results can be impacted by the tools you have and how you utilize them.

There are dozens of available tools for sales productivity so before you jump from testing one tool to another, figure out what you want to prioritize. Once you have your priorities in line you can then choose what tools best fit your needs.

For many salespeople, organization, logistics, routing, and lifestyle choices are among the most prominent priorities.

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Best sales apps

Organization sales tools

Staying organized will keep you on track and focused throughout your workday. Those that stay organized accomplish more and maintain maximum productivity.

Calendly – Take the unnecessary back and forth emailing out of the equation when scheduling meetings. Calendly integrates with a variety of calendar applications and makes scheduling fast and simple. Need to meet with a customer or prospect? Send them your calendly link and they can select a time without the risk of double booking or booking beyond your working hours.

Trello – With features that allow you to keep track of team projects, work collaboratively, and communicate with one another, Trello ensures that tasks at hand are progressing efficiently. Trello’s easy to manage interface makes it simple for any team member to stay organized and productive.

Google Drive – By providing constant access to shared projects and documents, Google Drive allows you to work from virtually anywhere without the risk of losing important information. Google Drive’s sharing and live changes functions allow you to maintain collaboration efforts with anyone in your team, keeping you up to date and organized.

Sales team logistics tools

Sales logistics priorities usually vary between specific industries but often include anything from CRM integration all the way to lead generation.

Salesforce is the #1 CRM platform available for any business. With Customer Relationship Management being one of the most important aspects of sales, you can’t go wrong with Salesforce’s many capabilities to progress your business.

LinkedIn is a social platform that is centered around professional development for individuals and businesses. With the ability to network, stay up-to-date about industry news, and find and engage with potential leads, LinkedIn embodies a quality and all-around professional development platform.

Slack is a communication platform used across all industries. For those in sales who may not always be in the office, it provides a constant communication outlet between you and your team. With additional file sharing options included, Slack turns a 20-email thread into a quick 2-minute conversation.

Powerful GPS tracking for sales teams

Simple, accurate time tracking for fast-moving sales teams

Routing tools

Field sales is one of the most demanding sectors of the sales industry, so it is crucial for salespeople to maintain maximum efficiency throughout their workday. Routing applications help reps in the field cut down travel time and close more deals.

Waze is a routing application centered around community-based drivers. With tools like real-time traffic updates, police notifications and road maintenance information, Waze keeps every driver prepared for the road ahead. Waze is compatible with desktops, tablets, and smartphones, making commuting between locations a breeze.

Badger Maps is the #1 application for field sales. Badger is specifically built for field sales and helps sales teams save time and maximize efficiency. With unique features like route optimization that cuts down driving time and the check-in function so sales reps can take meeting notes from the field (among many more), Badger strives to make your life as a salesperson as organized and stress-free as possible.

Google Maps is sometimes seen as the default mapping application for smartphones and tablets. Unlike Waze that’s centered around mobile transportation, Google Maps provides routing for walking, biking, and even public transit directions. Multiple transit integrations allow users to plan their travel from start to finish with multiple forms of transportation included.

Lifestyle tools for sales reps

Productivity is not solely based on the functions of your job. In fact, many of the most successful salespeople make it a priority to live wholesome and productive lifestyles outside of work. Here are just a few examples of how you can make lifestyle choices that enable maximum productivity.


Podcasts are catered to many different crowds and can be listened to on a variety of platforms. Looking to get out of a sales rut? Look up a podcast where professionals or coaches speak on different techniques to do just that. Feeling like you’ve hit a plateau within your sales career? Try a podcast that illuminates motivating factors that could take your professional development to the next level.

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Regardless of where you see yourself on the sales spectrum, podcasts have been proven to be effective in educating, informing, and motivating sales professionals. Next time you find yourself longing for a more productive mindset, try out a few podcasts and chances are you’ll find just the one you need to step up your game.

Social Media

If used in the right doses, social media can be beneficial for your productivity and help you stay in touch with your network. Think of it as a way to connect and engage with prospects and customers you may not be so close in proximity to.

There are countless opportunities for new leads, new opportunities, and valuable business connections through social media platforms. One way or another, these can all contribute to your sales productivity.

You can have all the sales tools in the world that are aimed to increase productivity but if you don’t have the mindset to succeed, you won’t get anywhere. You’re here, reading this article, so chances are that if you haven’t been very productive in the past, you’re at a good place to start.

Everyone is different and these are just a few tools available for salespeople. Take your time looking for the tools that work best for you and you’ll find yourself heading down the path of productivity in no time.

About the author

Evan Campbell is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Badger Maps, a route planner that automates territory management for outside salespeople. Badger visualizes sales data, optimizes daily routes, and generates meeting reports – helping users drive 20% less and sell 25% more on average. You can follow Evan and his team on Twitter @BadgerMaps and Linkedin.