Effective real estate marketing can supercharge your real estate business and put it on a completely new trajectory. How do you bring in fresh leads and sales daily? Keep reading.

These top real estate marketing techniques for real estate agents will show you how to market your business.

Here is a quick overview of marketing strategies for real estate business:

  1. Content marketing for real estate agents
  2. Getting active in the forums and other online communities to promote your real estate business
  3. Utilizing social media to promote content and build relationships
  4. Creating video content to promote your real estate listings
  5. Prepare for the long term to make real estate marketing work
  6. Outsourcing parts or all of your real estate marketing plan
  7. Utilizing virtual assistants in marketing your business
  8. Best real estate marketing tools
  9. Bonus! Examples of real estate marketing strategies

Content marketing

A good approach for real estate agents is to engage in content marketing. Content marketing is a great alternative to any sort of outbound marketing (reaching customers by cold calls, radio ads, TV ads, etc). It gives a better return on marketing bucks and the leads that this method generates will be much warmer.

Content marketing for real estateContent marketing is part of inbound marketing. It relies on providing the visitor with value when the potential customer seeks it, instead of interrupting the client and hoping a few will find your agency’s services when needed.

Inbound marketing simply means giving value to your prospects and not asking for anything in return. In the case of real estate content marketing, it can mean writing amazing blog posts that your potential clients find highly valuable.

This works really well because you create respect and recognition so clients flow to you when they need you — due to the value you have already provided to them.

Content marketing enables your real estate prospects to find out that you exist and helps you come off as an expert, command authority, and warm up leads. The more blog posts you write, the more visible you become on the internet. Which in turn increases the probability that clients will think, “Hmm, this real estate agency seems reputable since I keep seeing this website all the time.”

Content marketing enables them to run into your brand all the time, and this works especially well for real estate. A lot of money is involved and the process can be complex, so people proactively research and study how the market works.

Get active in the forums and other real estate online communities

People have questions about real estate, and you are the perfect person to answer them.

A good idea is to find forums where you could contribute to this topic. When you register on the forums, don’t promote yourself there; just provide value.

You can do this on regular online forums that have strong communities, or use sites such as Quora and Reddit.

If it’s a forum format, you will usually have the opportunity to include a signature under your posts. Add your real estate website in this signature and when people start to notice you and your valuable answers, they will start to recognize and perhaps visit your website.

You can do the same on Quora. What’s even better — Google loves Quora for question-type searches, so if your answer is the best, they will see your website under your answer.

Becoming active on Reddit or similar platforms has its benefits too, even if there’s no formal way to add a signature. You can always offer people to direct message you for extra questions, or answer their question publicly and then direct message offering more advice. Just be sure to add enough value in the public answer.

These methods work well for real estate as people might be asking region-specific questions and the communities might be categorized that way.

In this case, you’re able to pick the region where your real estate services are targeted and answer the questions that people from this region ask online.

If you get creative with your real estate marketing, this is a good overall method, as there are loads of places you can find communities asking questions.
Places such as LinkedIn groups, commenting and answering questions on other blogs all are good options.

Use social media to share content and build relationships

Social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram can help you tremendously when it comes to building relationships and providing value.

Social media to get new real estate clients

First of all, your blog posts should have sharing buttons for all of these social media platforms, so that readers can share them.

You can use Facebook and similar sites to create your own real estate page. It’s important to regularly update those pages with your blog posts and other valuable content.

LinkedIn is great for professional networks. As discussed above, there are plenty of communities to get involved in through the LinkedIn groups. You can also share your content via regular updates, and you can have as many as 30,000 connections on LinkedIn.

Twitter is also a great way to connect with potential clients and other real estate agents. You can use Twitter to share relevant links and real estate news from your area.

Remember that in order to increase your online presence and traffic, you need to keep posting new content. That means sharing the latest real estate developments and commenting and answering people’s questions. Those chores need to be done at least a few times a week.

Creating videos is an easy way to advertise

You would be surprised to know how many people would rather watch a video than read something. YouTube is the second most used search engine after Google, so it’s the perfect place to populate and upload your real estate tips and tricks as a means of marketing.

Video marketing for real estate

This is another great channel to get really creative in, as you can do a lot with video. Here are some real estate video ideas:

  • How about a recorded house tour?
  • A guide to the neighborhood?
  • Show of your knowledge of real estate by posting an analyses video?
  • Testimonials of happy buyers or sellers?
  • A day in the life video blog?

There’s no need to aim for perfection when creating videos for real estate marketing. You can use a simple camera and it’s actually quite easy thanks to the free apps and social networks available.

If you happen to be into luxury real estate and want a high-quality video, you can always hire an editor to add special effects and similar.

In the world of internet marketing, everything is connected so you can include videos in your blog posts, share them via social media or incorporate them into forum posts and comments.

Real estate digital marketing is not quick and easy

Internet marketing is definitely not a quick fix to bringing your real estate business more clients overnight. It takes time to build a good reputation, get recognition, and increase traffic.

In simple terms, it means that you have to dedicate months of hard work in order to see good results.

Before you invest all the time in these tactics, be sure you settle on a specific real estate marketing strategy that you have researched and tested.

This approach will enable you to know exactly what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, enabling you to justify the initial time investment.

Once you have the confidence in how effective your real estate marketing will be, you can make it a part of your daily routine; answering questions and providing other valuable content a few times a week.

Real estate online marketing can easily be outsourced

Realizing that it will take a lot of work and some failure for your marketing to take off can be overwhelming. What’s more, if you’re completely new to marketing, finding the right real estate marketing strategy is almost impossible without testing things out.

Most real estate agents don’t have the time to research and learn marketing, so the best, really, is to outsource this or at least do so for parts of the process.

Hiring a marketing consultant to come up with a winning real estate marketing strategy, or a social media professional to take care of that side of the marketing plan can save you weeks’ worth of work.

Hubstaff has some of the best marketing professionals on our 100% free freelance talent platform. This is a good place to start if you decide to outsource your real estate marketing plan.

Consider virtual assistants for some parts of the marketing plan

Many real estate agencies are using real estate virtual assistants to help them handle certain tasks so they can focus on expanding the business.

Virtual assistants are a perfect solution for agents who have some understanding about marketing and just need to find the time to execute the ideas they have in mind.

Once you’ve hired a professional, you can use Hubstaff remote team management software to track hours, view progress on tasks, and even pay your virtual talent. It’s an all-in-one platform built for distributed or virtual teams that want to work smarter. It could be one #1 choice to track time for your real estate team.

Time tracking and payments for real estate VAs

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You’re not only saving time and money by hiring virtual assistants in the first place, but you’re also streamlining the management process to save even more time.

It’s a win-win for real estate agencies.

Real estate marketing tools

There’s an endless list of tools you can utilize to advertise your real estate business. First, consider all the real estate platforms that might operate in your market, such as Zillow or Trulia.

All of them are gateways to warm leads. If you find one that fits the geographical market you’re in, target your research at finding growth hacks for these platforms.

The approach to each platform will differ, depending on the functions. Some will have community aspects, others will be purely about getting your listings to rank higher.

For managing your leads, be sure to utilize customer relationship management (CRM). Most CRM tools will integrate with a web form on your blog designed to collect visitors emails.

You can also include all of your offline contacts in the CRM you choose, and synchronize that with an emailing tool so that you can send everyone in your contacts newsletters on the latest listings and similar.

If you want to go a bit more advanced with emails, consider email automation and designing email drip campaigns. These automated sequences of emails are based on interaction with the email by the receiver.

The same can be done with phone numbers. You can send newsletter SMS messages or update people on events you’re exhibiting in with SMS sending platforms.

This all might sound complicated and some of it certainly is. Luckily, there are plenty of professionals available to take your idea and develop it for you.

If you’re looking for more traditional marketing ideas you can do on your own, try creating real estate brochures and flyers to distribute at open houses or drop off in target areas.

Finally, invest in a social media post scheduling tool such as Buffer or HootSuite. These social media marketing tools will take the worry of updating your social media pages away and automate the process of marketing your real estate business.

Examples of real estate marketing strategies

To finish our guide of real estate marketing strategies and ideas on an inspiring note, here are some real-life examples of marketing tactics for real estate agents listed on AdEspresso.

  1. Weekly Facebook Live tours of house listings. A real estate company saw amazing brand awareness and engagement when they started to go live on Facebook every week, showing a live tour of their recently listed properties.
  2. Retarget visitors of listing pages. Nearly all advertisement platforms, such as Google Adwords and Facebook, let you run ads to people that have visited your site. The best part: you can target people that have been to specific pages on your site, such as listing pages of specific properties.
  3. Give investing advice in your listings and posts. When TheMoveChannel started to include markets stats of their listings in Facebook posts, engagement and clickthrough rates skyrocketed. All they did is mention how much their properties are yielding to their clients in that specific area, based on true market data.

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Time to get started

Now that you’ve discovered top real estate marketing approaches, it’s your turn to shine.

Try out different strategies and let us know in the comments what worked best for you.

This post was originally published September 3, 2014, and updated April 2019.