Redbooth is a project management tool that enables company-wide collaboration, making it easier to get more work done every day. It features real time communication, access to all files and data, and a mobile app so you can take your work with you.

Hubstaff’s Redbooth time tracking integration allows users to accurately track time to Redbooth tasks. Employees can track time to natively designed desktop apps, even while working offline.

Hubstaff apps were designed to increase efficiency while working quietly in the background. The lightweight Hubstaff time tracking app is available for Mac, Windows and Linux.

Integrate Redbooth with Hubstaff in order to:

  • Begin tracking time to individual Redbooth tasks.
  • Access employee time reports to use for invoicing clients or for your business records.
  • Discover activity levels of your remote employees.
  • View randomized screenshots to see what your team is working on while tracking time.
  • Pay your team on your time, automatically or manually, right from your Hubstaff account.

Learn how to integrate in just a few clicks at Redbooth Time Tracking Integration Setup.

Efficient Redbooth Time Tracking

Redbooth Time Tracking App

Hubstaff’s time tracking app is easy-to-use and runs quietly in the background. Users can track time to Redbooth tasks with convenient desktop apps that operate seamlessly and don’t slow down their computers.

  • The desktop app provides users with a wealth of information at a glance.
  • Employees can view a list of tasks assigned to them, due dates and how much time they tracked that day.
  • Hubstaff’s desktop apps were natively designed in different operating systems to eliminate compatibility issues.
  • The apps makes it easy to add a note to your time by clicking “Add Note” then typing memos, explanations or reminders.
  • Employees can work offline. Screenshots, activity levels and recorded time will be uploaded to Hubstaff the next time they reconnect to the Internet.

Automatically Sync Redbooth and Hubstaff

Redbooth and Hubstaff are easily linked and kept updated through an automatic syncing system. The integration allows users to focus on their tasks and projects, instead of having to worry about infrastructure and manual time tracking.

  • Quick and easy integration.
  • Link an unlimited number of Redbooth projects to Hubstaff.
  • View Redbooth tasks in the Hubstaff app and begin tracking time.
  • Granting permission to oAuth will keep Hubstaff and Redbooth tasks regularly synced, so your team doesn’t have to worry about manually adding tasks to Hubstaff.
  • Once Redbooth users are linked, they will automatically see assigned tasks in Hubstaff.

View a step-by-step guide at Redbooth Time Tracking Integration Setup.

Gain Insight Into Employee Productivity

Users can view the different activity levels of employees based on their keyboard and mouse usage while they are tracking time with Hubstaff. Employers and managers can use these insights, as well as Hubstaff’s other employee monitoring tools to gain insight into how their team works.

  • View randomized employee screenshots to see what your team is working on while tracking time to Redbooth tasks.
  • Adjust the frequency of screenshots, so you can view 1, 2 or 3 screenshots per 10 minutes of work. You can also turn this feature off.
  • View activity levels to see how active an employee is while he or she is logging time to a task.
  • Use activity levels and screenshots when you give your team feedback on what they are doing well and what can be improved.

Download Customizable Time Reports

Hubstaff generates automatic time reports based on time tracked on Hubstaff. Your employees and contractors can monitor time automatically or manually add time. Users can also add notes with their time entries, which can be used to explain manual time or add reminders to a task. These notes and more appear in Hubstaff’s reports.

  • Filter reports by date range or user, so you can see exactly how much an employee or contractor worked over a specific period of time.
  • Use reports to pay your team for the exact amount of time worked.
  • Use reports to invoice clients for the exact amount of time spent on services.
  • Hubstaff’s reports can be downloaded and emailed.
  • Streamline company record keeping with the detail rich reports.
  • Get a complete overview of how your team works. Reports include the projects that are worked on, how much overall time is spent on them, and the individual Redbooth tasks that are worked on each day.

Pay Your Teams Quickly and Accurately

Once your team begins tracking time on Hubstaff, you can pay them for the precise amount of time they worked right from your Hubstaff account.

  • Integrate Hubstaff with Paypal.
  • Pay your employees and contractors automatically or manually.
  • Pay your team on time, every time with automatic payments.
  • Set your payment schedule according to your preference. You can pay your team weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.
  • Set pay rates for different users.
  • Pay your team in different currencies.

Utilize Hubstaff to make payroll easier, so you can focus less on administrative tasks and more on growing your business.

Learn how to set up Automatic Payments and Payroll.

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