3 Ways Remote Employee Monitoring Software will Make Your Life Easier

3 Ways Remote Employee Monitoring Software will Make Your Life Easier

There are multiple benefits to hiring remote employees, but this distributed team structure doesn’t come without difficulties. Sometimes, virtual work can become distracting and unproductive, especially when not monitored.

Virtual teams may have more communication issues because they may rely on lengthy email threads to communicate, instead of discussing an issue directly in a shared office. Also, remote employees are responsible for their own time and productivity, giving managers less supervision control.

Typically, virtual workers must be disciplined and effective in order to make the distributed team structure work. The level of focus and time management skills needed to be successful as a virtual employee takes years of experience to master, but remote employee monitoring software can help even new industry professionals work more accurately, transparently and efficiently. Learn how employee monitoring software can help boost your virtual productivity below.

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How does a remote employee monitoring software help?

Remote employee monitoring software makes it easier for teams to collaborate and seamlessly record time. Good monitoring tools will not only give you a clear picture of how much time specific tasks take, but also what virtual employees do to complete them. Time monitoring software is accurate, detailed and will provide insight into the working habits of your virtual employees.

benefits of an employee monitoring software

Time tracking software such as Hubstaff provides intuitive insights as it accurately monitor time and employee activity levels. It takes randomized screenshots to provide a clear picture of what employees are working on, allows you to control budget, has downloadable time reports that can be used for invoicing or business records, and an insightful dashboard area where you can see an overview of time spent throughout your organization, activity levels and more.

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Below are three ways a remote employee monitoring tool such as Hubstaff will make life easier for virtual teams and freelancers.

1. Precise time tracking software

why remote teams need precise time tracking

Hubstaff’s time tracking system uses a downloadable desktop app with an intuitive timer that virtual employees can start and stop as they want to track time. The desktop apps are natively designed in Windows, Mac and Linux to enable seamless functionality, no matter what operating system you use. The apps work offline, so employees can track time even without an Internet connection, and the data will be uploaded once a user reconnects.

Precise time tracking is so important to virtual work because many freelancers are paid by the hour. Knowing how much time they spend on their work ensures accurate payments and provides a good gauge of what your employees are working on. You can see how much time a certain task or project takes from the Hubstaff dashboard, which can let you know how much to charge a certain client or whether your team is spending too much time on a certain task.

2. Remote employee monitoring software

one of the options for the remote employee monitoring tools

Hubstaff’s remote employee monitoring software features innovative tools such as randomized screenshots, URL trackers and application monitors. The randomized screenshots provide a clear picture of what your employees are working on, and can be set to take 1, 2 or 3 images every 10 minutes (or this feature can be turned off). URL trackers show which websites are visited while the Hubstaff timer is running, and how long an employee spends on them. Application monitors show what apps an employee uses, such as browsers, Skype or other functions.

Hubstaff also records activity levels while the timer is running. These are measured based on keystrokes and mouse movements and show how active and productive an employee is. Activity levels are color coded and shown in a user’s Hubstaff account to provide a visual overview of how active a user was in a certain time frame. High activity levels are shown as green, middle-range activity levels shown as orange, and low activity levels are red.

Randomized screenshots, activity levels, URLs visited and applications used can all be included in Hubstaff’s reports. These reports can be filtered to include only the information you want to save for your records or to show to your clients.

3. Seamless administrative tasks

pay remote teams with ease

Hubstaff makes it easy to manage, collaborate and monitor your virtual teams. It also makes paying them easier and more accurate with automatic payments and payroll. When your employees begin tracking time using Hubstaff, their time records are all readily available and can be used to automate payment right from within Hubstaff, based on hours worked. Ensure timely, accurate payments every time.

Below are a few ways you can configure your Hubstaff payment preferences to suit your organization.

  • Pay your teams manually or automatically.
  • Pay in different currencies.
  • Set different pay rates for individual team members.
  • Schedule payments to send weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or twice a month.

In addition to convenient payments, Hubstaff’s downloadable and filterable reports can be used for easy record keeping and invoicing. With multiple features and detailed reporting, Hubstaff provides a complete workflow solution.

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