Simple Remote Staffing Solutions You Can Use

Having a hard time finding the right staff for your web agency? With the advent of remote staffing, finding the right employees has become a real challenge. There are so many contractors online, which makes it hard to find out who’s really competent among them.

Have you ever had to deal with slackers or low-skilled contractors who pretended to be professionals? Welcome to the world of remote staffing. On one hand, it’s a great way to improve efficiency and to automate the workflow. But on the other hand, good remote contractors aren’t even easy to find, let alone manage as a team.

The vast majority of employers look for remote staffing solutions on freelance websites

Freelance websites like Fiverr and Freelancer have millions of available contractors. Joining these websites in order to find the right contractors is what most employers do when they want to assemble a team.

Freelance websites may seem great at first, but anyone who has tried to find contractors there has quickly realized that it’s not as easy as it seems.

Finding remote staff on freelance websites can become so tiresome that you’d need a team of researchers just to help you find the right contractors.

If you join some of the most popular freelance websites such as People Per Hour, you’ll soon realize that the competition there is staggering. Millions of low-skilled contractors from third world countries register there and apply for most jobs in hopes of getting any bites.


Most of them usually claim to be better than they actually are. Some will even put a lot of time and effort into deceiving you about their capabilities.

How about not having to go through all that fuss and simply getting the best of the best when it comes to remote staffing? Skip over to the end of this article in order to find out more about our staffing solution.

But if you want to find out how to make the freelance website search less dreadful, read the following tips and tricks.

Filtering out low-skilled contractors on freelance websites

Filtering out low-skilled contractors should be the first thing on your list. It should precede the process of finding an excellent employee. With a few simple tips, filtering can easily be done.

You can repel those low-skilled contractors who apply for almost any job. Just raise your standards and bar them from even contacting you in the first place.

How do you achieve this feat? Make people jump through hoops before you even consider them. Ask them to complete simple tasks before you’ll even read their application.

The tasks themselves don’t have to be complicated. It’s just a way for you to see if they can follow simple instructions. It also allows you to see if they even read your ad or if they’re just pasting canned responses on every ad.

An example would be to just instruct people to write a certain headline or special code when they reply for the job. Another example would be to go to your site, and dig up some factoid about your services.

That alone will help you weed out those contractors that apply for every job without even carefully reading the instructions and requirements. The nature of their replies will tell you if they’re serious about work or not.

Ask for specific skills and skill levels

There are millions of contractors on freelance websites. Hundreds of these will reply to your job post every day. You need to bar low-skilled and even half decent contractors from wasting your time.

While “half-decent contractors” might sound okay to you, it’s actually a big issue. The truth is that half-decent contractors are still too numerous on freelance websites. You’d have to spend days or even weeks testing them out to find the best one.

To get the highest quality applications to apply to your job post, specify that you’re only looking for a certain skill level and previous experience. Ask the contractors to confirm in their application that “yes I do have skills xyz and yes I have x many projects in my 5 year portfolio”. Ignore applications that do not include this line as instructed.

Check their history through scanning their portfolio

A good portfolio usually makes the difference between a low-skilled contractor and someone who has a lot of experience in your field. If their portfolio isn’t filled with enough material, don’t shy away from telling them that you need to see more.

You’ll see how reputable they are by the way they treat this request. Someone who respects you and your time will immediately provide more samples. If they, however, try to dodge your question or anything like that, discard them right away.

Ask for references

If you’ve got a potential contractor who has a lot of references, you can be pretty sure that you’re dealing with a highly qualified professional.

Consider calling their previous employers, even if they seem legit to you. It’s the internet, remember; you can never be too safe.

Have an expert test them out

If your web agency already has experts who are capable of testing potential contractors, then great! But if not, consider hiring an expert in your field who will test every contractor that’s in your list of final selectees.

You can determine their competence by giving them a qualification test. It’s a surefire way of finding out who’s the best among your final list of candidates.

Is there another alternative to searching on freelance websites?

No matter what you do or how hard you try to find the best remote staff on freelance websites, there’s always the risk of choosing the wrong contractors. And just think of all that time and effort that you put into the searching, testing, qualifying, filtering and interviewing!

You may do everything right when it comes to searching for contractors on freelance websites but you still might get lousy results. That’s just the nature of freelance websites. There’s simply too much competition on those websites and the vast majority of contractors are not prescreened.

Looking for remote staff on freelance websites is like looking for good fruits and vegetables on a vendor market. Unless they’re certified, you can only make a guess and choose based on what “looks” good.

Prescreened contractors are the way to go

Do you want to work with someone who’s already been through the screening and verification process? If yes, then consider our staffing solution and start saving time, money and effort.

We work with reputable companies and we get most of our contractors through referrals. In fact, we often hire these contractors for our own projects first. Thus, we get to see how good they really are.

We have already worked out the rates with the contractors so that you get the highest quality staff for a reasonably low rate. All you need to do is to describe your project and we’ll immediately start looking for your ideal contractor.

Forget searching on freelance websites since we give you an even better end result, without the extremely tiresome frustration and time waste. You pay no money upfront and you can quit whenever you want. And with the help of our time tracking software, Hubstaff, you only pay them by the hour.

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