About the Author

profileDave Nevogt started building internet businesses at the age of 22, and has been working on them since 2003. His start was in online golf instruction in 2003 and grew that business to 1.5MM by 2005. He sold those businesses in 2009, and then purchased and ran a larger search engine optimization software company that focused on linkbuilding. While building and managing these companies he’s managed over 100 virtual employees / contractors concurrently. In order to do this, he’s designed several management systems that are included in this book.

He specializes in employee productivity and the marketing side of online businesses. Most recently he’s taken these systems and founded Hubstaff around them. Hubstaff is a software platform that makes it easier to manage virtual staff, pay them, and understand productivity levels.

Dave currently lives in Indianapolis, IN with his wife and two kids.

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