RescueTime is a great tool for personal time tracking, but we find it limiting for teams that want to understand how they spend their time and increase their productivity and profitability. That’s why we set out to find the best alternative; what follows is a list of our suggestions. We hope that among them you will find the RescueTime alternative that suits you and your business better.

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1. Hubstaff

Hubstaff | What Is the Best RescueTime Alternative? Here Are Our Favorites

Hubstaff is time management software that works for small, medium and large businesses alike. This is our own software, which we use in our own team. Our time tracking and screenshot features give you complete control over your team’s working hours. Hubstaff tracks the activities of all your employees and creates accurate reports for you. That way, you can rest assured that your business won’t miss any deadlines or surpass the budget limit – you will save money and be more productive in the long run.

Hubstaff has a consistently high-quality customer support system and excellent server communication that allows flexible monitoring of employees worldwide. You can check the time spent on projects, re-prioritize tasks for increased productivity and even set automatic payments using the automatic payroll feature. This gives you the space you need to focus on aspects of your business that require more attention.

If you want to supercharge your project and time management, check Hubstaff’s many integrations on the official website.

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2. Time Doctor

Time Doctor | What Is the Best RescueTime Alternative? Here Are Our Favorites

Time Doctor combines time tracking and basic employee monitoring. It works by taking screenshots and uploading them online for employers to review. Even if you are not the fastest of learners, Time Doctor has a user-friendly interface that you can easily grasp. You will regularly receive a detailed report of your employee worksheets. The software can also be integrated with other apps for additional time tracking features.

While Time Doctor can fit the budget of the typical small business, it’s too expensive if used with the “only one user per month” option. For large enterprises, there are some time and project management solutions available at lower prices.

3. Toggl

Toggl | What Is the Best RescueTime Alternative? Here Are Our Favorites

Toggl’s simple and friendly interface lets you start tracking time right away. All you have to do is click the play button and the app will begin monitoring the working hours of your employees. Afterwards, you can go through the generated weekly and monthly data on the total hours spent working inside the Summary Report tab.

Toggl offers unlimited and free time tracking for individuals. However, the free version doesn’t include the option to bill hours – this is only available in the pro version. Also, the support center may be hard to get a hold of, even if you call them more than once.

4. TSheets

tsheets | What Is the Best RescueTime Alternative? Here Are Our Favorites

TSheets offers a free training program to set up and start tracking time with their software. The simple timesheets you get are uploaded in the cloud, so you can access them via web browsers or a mobile app. You can manage timesheets and time-off requests so that your business is more productive.

As a cloud-based system, TSheets creates a virtual clock on any PC to track time for individuals. One thing to note, though, is that your employees will have to clock out before switching from one task to another. This makes it difficult to address urgent tasks that come up and seamlessly switch between projects as needed.

5. Harvest

Harvest | What Is the Best RescueTime Alternative? Here Are Our Favorites

Harvest lets you track time for specific employees and projects over a period of two weeks. Then, you can download the spreadsheet and review the finished work offline. You can use Harvest’s notifications to make sure you don’t go over your company’s budget; Simply set the software to alert you every time a project is getting close to the budget limit.

You have to request the spreadsheet via email and log into the Harvest website to actually download the document, which you will not like if you lack patience. Aside from that, if your employees call in sick, you don’t get a feature that can automatically track their days of leave. You have to do the tracking yourself, manually.

6. OfficeTime

OfficeTime | What Is the Best RescueTime Alternative? Here Are Our Favorites

Aside from the simple interface, OfficeTime is an easy way for you to get billing data. The customizable tools allow you to export time spreadsheets in a format that is compatible with other apps. You can group your work and store hourly information by creating a new project. OfficeTime lets you switch between projects without interrupting anything.

With its simple features, OfficeTime is great for small businesses, but not large enterprises. The price-user ratio can seem intimidating if your team consists of more than 10 employees. You may want to look into other time management apps for the same price.

7. Avaza

Avaza | What Is the Best RescueTime Alternative? Here Are Our Favorites

Avaza’s task management feature lets your employees work on projects using just one interface. They can take advantage of the integrated management tools for chatting, file sharing and meeting deadlines. Meanwhile, you get a detailed overview of the timesheets, so that you can analyze the progress your team is making.

Avaza makes it possible for you to manage events and visualize tasks. However, there is no calendar support, something which would have made task and event management far easier. While there is a version of Avaza that you can get for free, you need to pay (monthly) for the Basic or Business plan to make the most out of the software.

8. ZoomShift

ZoomShift | What Is the Best RescueTime Alternative? Here Are Our Favorites

If you need a quality schedule maker, ZoomShift is the right app for your company. The scheduling feature is intuitive and easy to adjust for different types of businesses. You can filter it between days, weeks and months to find more flexible views.

There’s also the real-time budgeting feature that calculates the hour and wage while you are busy planning the schedule. Your employees can receive mobile notifications and reminders that will result in increased productivity.

But, ZoomShift is confusing when you have to drop or pick up shifts. The app may also crash and lose communication with the main server, something that many serious business users cannot afford.

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