Salesforce is a great CRM software that allows users to view their team members’ task lists, company sales levels in relation to a quota, different accounts and clients.

With our Salesforce time tracking integration, you can now track time to specific Salesforce tasks directly from your desktop using the natively designed Hubstaff apps for Mac, Windows and Linux.


By connecting Salesforce and Hubstaff, users can:

  • Track time to specific tasks from one convenient desktop app.
  • View task completion level.
  • Automatically sync team members and projects.
  • Access detailed work reports and time spent on each task.
  • View employee screenshots and proof of work.

Read Salesforce Time Tracking Integration for a step-by-step guide on how to integrate Salesforce and Hubstaff.

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At A Glance

Hubstaff dashBy integrating Salesforce and Hubstaff, you can capture information at a glance. Just visit your Hubstaff dashboard to view:

  • All employees
  • Who’s online
  • Activity levels
  • Random screenshots
  • Productivity
  • Time tracked to different tasks

Control Sync and Settings

modify timeYou have many useful options on what to sync and how to manage the integration. For example, you can:

  • Manage users: Connect as many or as few users as you need to in the Hubstaff integration.
  • Flexible Settings: Hubstaff allows you to add manual time, blur screenshots, adjust the frequency of screenshots, implement idle timeouts, and more.
  • Sync Tasks: You can automatically sync all Salesforce tasks to create a simple, streamlined workflow.
Your Salesforce tasks will automatically sync with Hubstaff

Your Salesforce tasks will automatically sync with Hubstaff

Streamlined Workflow

We use oAuth to connect Hubstaff and Salesforce and make continuous integration and updates automatic and worry-free.

After integrating Hubstaff, you should see a pop-up request for permissions the next time you log into Salesforce. Select “allow” to allow Hubstaff access.

oAuth will keep Hubstaff and Salesforce linked, so you don’t have to manually sync projects and users. The integration will remain updated.

Once you’ve integrated, it’ll be easy and seamless to use Hubstaff and Salesforce together to produce more efficient results. Whenever you assign new tasks in Salesforce, they will also be placed in Hubstaff. Your team will be able to focus on their work and won’t have to worry about manually importing their tasks in order to track time.

Hubstaff syncs approximately every 30 minutes.

Just create a new task in Salesforce and it will appear on your Hubstaff app

Just create a new task in Salesforce and it will appear on your Hubstaff app


Powerful Time Reporting for Salesforce

How your team worksOnce your team begins tracking time to Hubstaff apps, you can access analytical reports to see how your team is working and where they are spending time. Hubstaff reports are downloadable, content-rich and show:

  • All Salesforce tasks and linked Hubstaff projects.
  • Time spent on each project and specific tasks.
  • Screenshots of your employees’ monitors, taken at random intervals while time is tracked to a Salesforce task.
  • Detailed activity levels of the time spent working on a task.
  • Exactly how much time is spent on various functions of your business.
  • When someone logs in and out each day.
  • Any notes that an employee or contractor may have attached to a time entry.

Pay Your Team Seamlessly

Since all of your project and times will be recorded on Hubstaff, you can use Hubstaff tools to streamline your administrative tasks. Here are a few things you can do with the time data Hubstaff provides:

  • Pay employees and contractors based on their time worked, without having to wait for them to bill you.
  • Invoice your clients based on time worked. You can also send clients Hubstaff screenshots or reports so they know exactly what services they are paying for.
  • Control budgets for different tasks and projects.
  • Control budgets for specific employees or contractors.

Read about how to set up Automatic Payments and Payroll here.


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