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About the company

KORE Real Estate is a leading residential and commercial real estate team serving Calgary and surrounding areas. As a dynamic and innovative team, their mission is to deliver solid results to clients by providing unparalleled customer service and leveraging the latest technologies. The “client first” philosophy has always been their approach and technology has allowed them to do everything they’ve always done – only with much more precision and effectiveness.

The KORE Real Estate Group has been using Hubstaff in their business for more than 2 years now. They have a total of 15 employees and contractors located in Canada, USA and Asia.

The questions below were answered by Peter Ng, president at KORE Real Estate Group Inc.

How do you manage your team using Hubstaff?

We use Hubstaff to log hours for all of our employees and contractors. It also works very well to track progress and work performance. We can use the reports and screenshots during our performance reviews and Hubstaff saves us countless hours of time as we no longer have to use manual timesheets.

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What do you like about Hubstaff and why?

I like the customer service and support as they have been very prompt at answering any and all of my questions. I also like the functionality and the continual improvement of the product since launch. There has also been many functions added since then. I like the screenshot function the most, but now we also have the application and URL tracking.

Any “big wins” for your business since you started using Hubstaff?

It has taken a lot of manual supervision away from management as Hubstaff helps to supervise the staff both locally and overseas. It has proven especially important to have supervision for overseas contractors as management is not there physically to oversee and manage the contractors. It has also saved us tremendous amounts of time with paperwork and manual oversight.

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How do you plan to grow your company in the near future and what are the key areas that you’ll be focusing on?

We plan to grow our company in several areas which include offering full in house digital media and online marketing services to our clients, builders and developers.

Your team management tip of the day?

They say don’t work harder, work smarter – I say work harder and work smarter!

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