Shopping cart software can greatly help you when you are building an online store. But with so many different shopping cart solutions out there, how do you know which one is the best for your online store? Yep, you’ve guessed it – shopping cart software reviews can be your guide in making the right choice.

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Shopping cart software reviews

1. BigCommerce

Equipped with an almost endless list of features, BigCommerce is one impressive shopping cart software. It uses a simple WYSISWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor that provides for excellent transparency and navigation. BigCommerce requires a fragment of technical knowledge, making it very easy to use. Roughly 20.000 online shops are powered by BigCommerce.

The first thing you will notice about BigCommerce is the infinite amount of features. You can choose from over 120 unique templates, or, if you prefer, you can directly edit the HTML and CSS. Features like the logo editor help you even further with your brand image.

Each and every design template is made for easy use and even easier management. This allows you to delegate your work with ease, in cases where you have more employees. Depending on your account level, you will be provided with a certain number of administrative accounts for better allocation of work.

Your added products can be neatly categorized to help your customers browse with ease, allowing for excellent navigation. Moreover, the integrated search features will get your customer right to his desired product.

Concerning administration, BigCommerce consolidates with Ordoro and Shipwire for drop shipping and inventory management. If you prefer another system, you can easily export all your orders in CSV format, which should be compatible with most software.

BigCommerce is integrated with over 50 different payment platforms. You will be able to easily shift between payment platforms, as well as set up your own merchant account. Even though it doesn’t support an integrated multilingual storefront, BigCommerce allows for payment in any currency.

In terms of shopping features, this is where BigCommerce stands out. The software supports a number of features, including a discount rules system, coupon codes, gift certificates, affiliate tracking tools etc. Everything you need to turn someone into a potential customer, BigCommerce has it.

2. Volusion

Providing for a comprehensive and user-friendly experience, Volusion is the ideal shopping cart software. With an extensive range of design options and tools, excellent integration with Amazon and eBay, and good security features, it stands out from its competitors.

The first impression Volusion leaves is the design. The creators of Volusion spared no efforts in terms of the page layout and the ease of use. You can choose from over 120 free templates for your online store. If none of them suit your style, however, you can choose to buy from the other 350 available templates on the site.

From the design tab, you control everything, including the templates you use, the wording, logos of your site, etc. Moreover, Volusion’s automated SEO allows your site to have a fairly decent ranking on the search engines. This feature goes hand in hand with the multi-language storefront, made for more effective international purchases.

Volusion has an excellent, PCI compliant security system. It tracks cookies and enables for a regular backup of site information. It uses Fraud Score, a software capable of pinpointing fraudulent behavior in customers. If you use Volusion, you also have the option to block a certain IP address from entering your site. This is pretty handy in case of problematic customers.

One of Volusion’s core virtues is its versatility. Whenever you have a new product or an announcement, you can easily link it to your Facebook or Twitter account. Moreover, Volusion leaves you with the option to sell your products on Amazon and/or eBay. It also has a feature enabling comparison between your products on sites like PriceGrabber and

3. Shopify

Uniquely designed and highly regarded on the e-commerce market, Shopify is indeed one of the top 3 shopping cart applications. Its simplicity and speed is the reason why over 15.000 online stores are powered by Shopify. The various management tools, along with the excellent app store make Shopify invaluable when it comes to establishing an online store.

The first thing you will notice about Shopify is that it’s blazing fast. Studies have shown that most people will only wait up to 4 seconds for a site to load before closing it. This number only tightens when it comes to ecommerce sites. The sites powered by Shopify load extremely fast, which is especially important when it comes to payment.

Shopify has one of the most beautiful templates on the market. The templates themselves are customizable, so you can change them to suit your own taste. Moreover, if you are good with HTML or CSS, you can utilize the Liquid template framework to bring your original ideas to fruition.

The ability to have an infinite amount of products is nicely complemented with the bulk upload and edit features. The management itself is fairly easy. A number of features allow for effective engagement of customers and inventory management. Shopify integrates 79 different payment platforms, allowing customers to make better choices. 

Shopify does not support a multi-language storefront. If you want a second language, you will need a second shopping cart. Moreover, Shopify doesn’t allow for multiple stores on the same Shopify plan. On the other hand, however, if you have more than one online store, Shopify allows for a centralization of products from multiple stores.

Shopify is PCI compliant. It uses secure socket layer (SSL) technology for encryption. Moreover, it allows for unlimited bandwidth for all price plans, a feature you may have to pay for when using other software.

Shopify also features a number of marketing methods, including coupons and discount codes, ideal for attracting potential customers. You can use a number of analytics tools to discover where your potential customers are clustered and where they are headed. Those analytics tools also allow you to see which words generate the most traffic, etc. 

4. 3dcart

Functional, secure, and fairly easy to use, 3dcart is one of the leading shopping cart applications. While the software proves to be competent enough regarding web design and marketing, the real thing that makes it stand out are the administrative features.

As with most shopping cart applications, 3dcart is equipped with a variety of templates that you can customize and set according to your own taste. The design wizard is a bit complex in terms of navigation, requiring you to go through a number of tabs in order to finish. Once you’re done, however, you can change anything you like from the administrative dashboard.

Unlike some other products, 3dcart offers unlimited storage regardless of the type of plan you choose. This can be quite handy if your business offers a large variety of products. It also gives you the opportunity to offer consumers different varieties of a given product, without worrying about the storage limit.

Concerning search optimization, 3dcart is armed with over 25 SEO tools that are built-in to ensure high rankings. But the extra card down in 3dcart’s sleeve is the software’s ability to generate featured products on your main page. That way, search engines will treat your main page as “recently updated” and will place it higher on the search rankings.

Like most applications, 3dcart is PCI compliant and it uses SSL technology for data encryption. Supporting over 100 payment platforms, it’s ideal for any potential e-store owner.

The 3dcart solution however lacks a feature that would allow you to run your physical store using the same software, a so-called point-of-sale system. The software also falls behind because it doesn’t run on a content delivery network, nor does it feature in-house credit card processing.

5. Fortune 3

Last, but not least, Fortune 3 provides you with all the essential elements for building an online store. The software itself isn’t as easy to manage as some other shopping cart applications are. It also gets a little pricey (charging a 1% transaction fee), but what it lacks in management, it makes up in versatility.

The built in “web designer” can be a little tricky to manage. But with some practice, you can tweak any of the roughly 100 templates to fit your taste. The door is open to further modifications if you have skills in HTML. Additionally, in order to readjust the graphics, you can export the content to Photoshop or Fireworks.

Fortune 3 is equipped with everything you need for administrative control of your store. This includes a real-time order management feature that can easily track every sale the customer makes from the moment they enter payment information on your site. This lasts until the moment the customer receives the purchased content.

Fortune 3 has various marketing tools, such as email campaigns that you can send to past customers, or special coupons and product discounts. These tools can be used to redirect consumer attention to you and maximize profit. Fortune 3, like 3dcart, lacks an in-house credit card processing feature, but it does support the most popular payment platforms.

While Fortune 3 ranks high in functionality and efficiency, the software itself could be improved with a few added features. One of them is the software’s templated checkout page, which is contrary to the principle of complete site customization. Also, Amazon and eBay aren’t integrated here; if you want to sell on these sites, you’ll have to make an account elsewhere.

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