Software usage tracking is a relatively new method used in online working environments. Its goal is to help your team work together in more efficient ways. The core function of software usage tracking programs is to keep a record of app use statistics in organizations of any type or size. Thus, IT departments have the ability to keep track of licensed software from many different software vendors.

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Software usage tracking packages provide an inventory of available software that is installed in a given network. They also provide data on the total number of copies and the usage details for each software process. For example, they can show you how often certain software has been used and identify the peak times when it’s used the most. This way, your team (or organization as a whole) can function with greater transparency.

The common rationale behind software usage tracking is to have a solution that can automatically collect and generate usage reports. These reports can assist in controlling and navigating the direction of future software purchase decisions, understand which tools are most important for your business, and so on. This enhances the performance of the organization via introspection about the business.

How can Hubstaff meet your software usage tracking needs?

One of the essential functions of Hubstaff’s application monitoring software is to track the time that each member spends on various tasks. It allows for deep monitoring of activity levels on a regular basis, including software usage tracking. Our light app makes it so Hubstaff can provide you with insight into the programs that any particular employee is using. It also tracks the URLs that employees are visiting in their browsers. This way, you can know exactly what your team is doing while they track billable time.

The Hubstaff time tracking app is used by each team member separately. Once they click the start button, the application begins measuring activity levels, taking randomized screenshots and tracking time in the background.

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1. Control your budget

Hubstaff’s budget feature enables you to set time limits for each team member separately and with great ease. When working with a time budget, you can set the maximum number of hours an employee is allowed to work within a timeframe. Hubstaff will automatically prevent employees from exceeding the limit, and enable you to change the weekly or monthly budgets at any time.

2. Take randomized screenshots


Taking screenshots and monitoring activity levels will provide insight on the effectiveness of your team. You can adjust this Hubstaff feature in terms of frequency and time. Randomized screenshots provide a clear picture of what a team member was working on while tracking time to a project. Activity levels are measured based on keystrokes and mouse movements to indicate overall productivity.

3. Plan your payments

Hubstaff can also help you manage payments and payroll. It’s important to understand what time is billable and what time isn’t, so you can determine which projects are profitable and by how much. Hubstaff allows users to add or remove time for specific projects, or managers can delegate time management and monitoring to their teams. After a project is finished, the software can process the payments through a suitable payment system.

Hubstaff can save you time by managing payments automatically. Just input how often you want payments to go out (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly) and set hourly rates for each team member. You will never have to worry about making manual payments again and payroll will always be timely and accurate.

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4. Organize your time

Hubstaff time reports are generated automatically, and you have the ability to define their scope according to your specific needs. You can filter reports by organization, project, or team members. Additionally, the software enables you to change your plans at any moment by accommodating more or fewer members for each team, creating additional teams, projects, etc.

Employees can be appointed as owners, managers, users, or viewers, depending on their position and role in the project, company, or organization. A work note option is available for each team member, as well as the entire team as a whole. The work notes enhance the ability of every employee to explain the work and different tasks they are doing in each block of time.

5. Manage your team

Hubstaff allows you to easily manage all your remote teams, businesses, and organizations simultaneously, from one centralized and insightful dashboard. The software keeps a record of all teams and every user being tracked. You can also, at any moment, upgrade or downgrade the software in accordance with the needs of a user or team, with just one click of a button.

Furthermore, the time tracked with Hubstaff is automatically uploaded, stored, and available for access and control 24/7. The software gives you the option to filter reports in order to present the information you are required to check, download, or send by email. You can refer back the uploaded reports when you need information on the time spent working so you can manage your teams with accurate information that’s updated real-time.

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6. Use GPS monitoring

Hubstaff’s iOS app enables GPS monitoring, so users can track time while on the move. The app will sync location information with the main dashboard and the time tracking feature eliminates the need for manual time sheets, substantially reducing the cost of operations.


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7. Integrate with your favorite project management software

Hubstaff software can be integrated with numerous different services in order to give you increased control and insight into your team’s working habits. It is also natively designed in multiple operating systems to eliminate any compatibility issues. Give your team the tools to manage their time and projects, while your managers gain more insight into software usage, browsing habits, and employee productivity with Hubstaff’s automatic reports.

Hubstaff integrates with many of the most popular project management solutions, allowing for additional features

  • project management software integration
  • multiple payment services 
  • accounting features
  • invoicing integrations
  • CRM integrations
  • help desk integrations
  • scheduling features
  • work management integrations