Karyn Lurie is the General Manager of Grow My Team, one of the many staffing agencies that find Hubstaff integral to their business. Grow My Team is planning on nearly doubling in size from 80 employees to 150 in the next year, keep reading to find out how!

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About the Company

grow my team case study

Grow My Team (GMT) is a global staffing provider for SME and startups in Australia and the USA. They source and manage full-time and part-time home-based workers internationally, but unlike their competitors, GMT is not just cheap outsourced staff. Instead they attract highly qualified candidates from around the world that want to work from home and pair them with companies looking to grow who aren’t able to attract similar talent locally.

Their staff, or talent as GMT refers to them, are based out of the Philippines, South Africa, the States and India and perform a variety of roles including administration, bookkeeping/accounting, digital marketing, legal research, financial planning and social media.

An engagement with GMT starts a consultation to see how they can help the prospective client’s business. If the client doesn’t know exactly what role they want to outsource, GMT will work with them to go over their business and goals and see where they need the most help. At that point GMT (literally) scours the world to find the best work-from-home candidates, conducting an intensive sourcing and pre-screening process.

Once they have shortlisted 2-3 candidates, GMT provides the client with the resumes and a video recording of the candidates, and the clients can then interview them. If the client chooses to hire one of the candidates, then GMT will assist with the onboarding process to fully integrate the new hire into the client’s business and the GMT community of home-based-workers.

From that point, GMT handles payroll, and the HR aspects of managing an employee, but the client works directly with the talent on what work needs to be done. GMT helps their clients achieve the success they want by handling the entire recruitment process so they can stay focused on growing their business

Cautious Customers

A lot of clients hadn’t worked with remote employees before and were skeptical of the entire process. The most common objection GMT faced was, “How do you know they are actually working?” With proper management procedures in place it isn’t difficult to tell if somebody is working or not, but when it comes down to the specific hours worked and their productivity, it can be hard to measure especially remotely.

While remote work may be normal to us, many businesses are just starting to open up to it now. Click To Tweet

While remote work may be normal to us, to the rest of the business world it is something they are just starting to open up to. GMT knew they needed a way to provide their clients with complete transparency and accountability for their remote talent. They tried Time Doctor, but found it to be expensive, lacking in features, and not user friendly so they continued their search.

Then They Found Hubstaff

Deciding to use Hubstaff was one of the best decisions for our company Click To Tweet

After a long and tiring search on Google for an alternative time tracking solution, they bumped into Hubstaff and the rest is history. Karyn says that deciding to use Hubstaff was one of the best decisions for their company and it is an absolutely integral part of their business now:

  1. It enables GMT to have completely transparent relationships with both their clients and their staff.
  2. It allows them to manage the punctuality of their own staff and their client’s staff.
  3. It enables them to monitor their staff and their client’s staff to ensure that they are being productive and honest.
  4. The interface and functionality is very user friendly.

Karyn says the fact that they use Hubstaff is a really strong selling point. When she tells her clients about Hubstaff they are immediately put at ease. They know that they can have some level of control over what their staff are working on at all times; that there is accountability and complete transparency.

For those working with remote teams for the first time, it is very reassuring to be able to double check exactly what their staff are working on at any given time by looking at the screenshots.

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How Grow My Team Uses Hubstaff

GMT actually has a full time staff member who is responsible for monitoring Hubstaff all day so that we can ensure that their client’s staff are performing with at least a 50% activity level and are working on schedule. If a staff member is under performing, GMT immediately approaches them to find out the reason and works with them to get back on track.

This is how GMT fits Hubstaff into their workflow:

how hubstaff helped the grow my team agency

Hubstaff’s new “budget” feature also enables them to keep track of any overtime that their staff log which means that they can go back to them and confirm that they have received approval both from GMT and their direct employer to perform the additional work.

Where they are going in the future

GMT is growing and they are growing fast and Hubstaff helps them grow seamlessly. To onboard new clients, all they have to do is add them to the GMT Hubstaff account and then they are ready. GMT has done very well in the Australian market and while they already have a presence in the American market they know there is amazing potential for growth, and that will be their focus going forward.

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As of this writing, GMT has a team of 50 and will grow that number to 80 in just 2 months. While 60% growth in 2 months is impressive, it doesn’t stop there. By the middle of the 2016 they plan on growing to a team of 150.

It may sound ambitious, but they found a winning formula by pairing highly qualified talent that wants to work from home with the companies that are growing but can’t find qualified and affordable employees locally. When they combine that formula with the Hubstaff, they know that they have the systems in place to manage their team, their payroll, and their clients, and hit their lofty goals.

In Karyn’s own words

“Hubstaff is incredibly user friendly to navigate. For our staff that log into Hubstaff, it is completely non-invasive to their workflow. For our clients, it provides complete accountability and transparency. We could not run our business without Hubstaff.”

We could not run our business without Hubstaff. Click To Tweet

Are your clients ever skeptical of remote work?

If your prospective clients ever seem weary of remote work and outsourcing, you need to try Hubstaff. Hubstaff makes it easy to be completely transparent with your clients, no matter how far away they are from your team. Try Hubstaff free for 14-days and see how you can use it as a selling point in your business.