Hubstaff Staffing Partner Application

Hubstaff is expanding our staffing services and we’re now accepting partner applications. Hubstaff is a platform of small businesses, agencies, dev shops, ecommerce businesses, and more that are in need of talented virtual professionals. Our staffing services matches these companies with the quality professionals in their respective areas.

The process:

  • When Hubstaff receives a project description from one of our businesses, we will send an email to our partners that will describe the project
  • We will evaluate which partner is the best fit for the job based on rate, experience and general fit.
  • We’ll introduce the business owner to the matched partner
  • The partner and business will begin working directly together.

All partners must meet the requirements below, and agree to the following terms:

  • Activate Hubstaff Account (it’s free – sign up here)
  • Willing to work on the Hubstaff platform to track time
  • Willing to work on an hourly basis (we do not offer project-based work)
  • Trained on Hubstaff
  • Provide QUALITY services (we only work with quality and vetted professionals)
  • Able to provide a portfolio of work or samples


  • Hubstaff and partner will agree on a rate for the services provided
  • Hubstaff will slightly mark up these rates and charge the customer on a weekly basis.
  • Payments will be made once a week to partner via Paypal or ACH.

If you are interested , we’d love to learn more about your company and why you would be a fit.

Hubstaff Staffing Partner Application:

Get access to Awesome Contractors that Work on an Hourly Basis.

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