The Definitive Guide to Building a Remote Team

Today, I’m really proud to introduce you to the first installment of Hubstaff University. At Hubstaff, we’ve been working on more than just ourno excuses book by dave nevogt time tracking software. We’ve also been working hard on a training arm that will include webinars, hangouts, books, manuals, and videos that will revolve around building a remote team in the best way possible.

Over the course of running businesses over the past 10 years, I’ve managed well over 100 people. In this guide I’m going to show you my exact strategies for building and running successful remote teams.

Click here to read the Definitive Guide to Building a Remote Team

Here’s exactly what you’re going to learn in this 20,000 plus word guide:

Part 1 – The 50k Foot View – The general theories, mindsets, and foundations that you need to run a successful remote team.

  • Your “Why”, vision, and reason for building a business
  • The Challenges of Managing a Remote Team
  • How to Find “A-Players”
  • How to figure out what tasks you should be outsourcing
  • Why you should hire Specialists
  • Why you need more than one person familiar with every aspect of your business
  • Why “Accountability” is the Most Important Word in Business

Part 2 – Hiring Principles and Processes – How to find, hire and test the best outsourcers

  • Developing Your Personal “A-Team”
  • Try Before you Buy
  • Posting a Job
  • Weeding Through Applicants
  • Assigning Test Tasks
  • Hiring Based on Constraints

Part 3 – Outsourcing – Outsourcing for more profit and productivity

  • What is Outsourcing?
  • The Outsourcing Mindset
  • Why Outsource?
  • Where to Find a Team
  • What Tasks Can Be Outsourced?
  • Less Expensive is Not Always Better

Part 4 – Managing a Successful Virtual Team – Developing your management skills to lower stress and create better communication

  • Managing Tasks and Projects
  • The “No Excuses” Management Flowchart
  • Embrace Technology
  • Remote Communication
  • Remote Time Tracking and Monitoring

Part 5 – Creating Documentation and Processes – How to build documentation and processes in your business so you can run more effectively

  • Blueprinting Your Tasks
  • Blueprint Types
  • Blueprinting Formats
  • Blueprinting Tools
  • Building Your Blueprint Library
  • How to Measure “Knowledge Worker” Production

We’ve put this in web format and also into PDF format. Click here to read the Definitive Guide to Building a Remote Team

As I mentioned above, we’ve got a lot more training coming in the future. When we develop more of this type of content we’re going to build it around your needs. So what do you need the most help with in your remote business? What would really help your team become more productive and focused? Let us know and we’ll address these topics in upcoming training.

P.S. If you’d share this guide and/ or comment below it would really help! Thank You!

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