Hubstaff logoFreelancing can be a tough gig. From finding the right invoicing software for freelancers, to finding the best clients, doing everything on your own can seem overwhelming. You may have the best invoicing software out there, and may even work with an established network of freelancers, but finding the right clients isn’t something that can be so easily done. This is something that is often taken into your own hands and can often seem impossible. You’ve tried all the freelancing websites, but those don’t cut it. You’re looking for more than grab-and-go jobs. You’re looking to find clients that will last and that you’ll love working with. But what are the best ways to go about finding clients? Here’s a post dedicated to three ways you can increase your client list and get your name out there as a beginner freelancer.

1. Networking

Of course, this one goes without saying. But what does good networking actually look like? Networking works in many different ways, and doing it right means actually pursuing the connections you wish and need to make. If you’re normally an introverted person, it’s time to break out of your shell if you want to become a freelance worker.

Business relationships can start up anywhere. This is something that most of us forget or don’t realize as we carry on with our lives. The simple truth is that you never know when you might run into a potential future client. It could be at the grocery store, the gym, the bar—anywhere. If you’re trying to make good impressions, you need to keep in mind that those impressions may need to be made at any given point. So be on your best behavior everywhere!

Building your dream client list can be easier than you think when you’re getting together with individuals in the fields you wish to work with. Emailing and/or calling a prospective client is a good way to put your foot in the door. But this isn’t enough. Suggesting a meetup to chat can help do a few things for you:

  1. It allows you to show your interest in the client.
  2. Meeting with the client in person allows you to discuss a potential relationship.
  3. It creates another acquaintance for you, which is the best thing for networking.

And don’t forget about other traditional means of networking: go to conferences, attend Meetups, reach out through LinkedIn or other forms of social media. Create a presence and really talk with people.

2. Get Your Name Out There

Yes, networking is one of the absolute best ways to establish yourself among a community of potential clients. But you aren’t necessarily going to get all your business just because you’re networking. Getting your name out there involves taking public actions that will insert you into the business atmosphere. One of the lesser-considered ways you can accomplish this is by simply creating a press release.

Press releases allow you to advertise yourself exactly where you want, and need, to be. While this is a task often forgotten or overlooked, freelancers looking for gigs can enable proper advertisement by drafting a press release and distributing it.

How to Format a Quick Freelancer Press Release

  • Headline: Make this catchy, but keep it relevant. You want to draw people to reading further.
  • Sub-heading: You can add a sub-heading if you wish to provide more relevant information to get your reader to keep reading.
  • First Paragraph: This is where you should announce yourself as a freelancer. Provide description about yourself and why clients should choose you. List your services and capabilities.
  • Second Paragraph: List any education and or experience you think you should share that will back up what is in the first paragraph.
  • Contact Info: Include a section that displays all your contact information. The point of the press release is to get potential clients to call you for your services.

3. Promote Yourself, Not Just Your Work

Yes, you’re freelancing your work. But that’s not just it. When clients work with you, they want to feel comfortable and enthusiastic about your approach. You’re not just selling your work, you’re selling yourself. So, getting new clients can be achieved when you start selling more than just a promise for good work. Start selling the promise of a great, dependable individual that can work with clients to produce quality work under awesome business relationship environments. You are your business, and that is what you need to sell.

Today, personal branding is everything. With social media platforms integrated into everything we do, we need to make statements when we talk. As a freelancer, your business is yourself, so create a personal brand, message, and mission statement that can attract people and keep them coming back.

What are some ways that you find freelance work? What are the best tips you can give someone as they start freelancing?

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