Wish you had a couple more hours in a day? You’re not alone.

Time is the most expensive currency that people have. In fact, it’s invaluable because it can’t be exchanged or reversed. Time spent is time gone.


Whether you’re a freelancer on a tight schedule, or a leader who wants to make better use of your team’s hours, time management is probably your number one priority. And if it’s not, it should be.

If you’re an independent professional, handling your time efficiently is key to your financial satisfaction and work-life balance.

As for team managers and employers, managing the way freelancers and external consultants use their logged hours is crucial for achieving high levels of productivity and ensuring profitability of projects.

Enter time management apps – your partner in crime for boosting productivity. There are literally thousands of solutions on the market that you can choose from. While variety is great, it’s important to know what the main features to look for in a time management software are.

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Time management apps: the top choices for productive teams

Now that you know why time management is crucial, it’s time to choose the app that will help you make it happen.

  1. Track time with Hubstaff
  2. Use Harvest to log hours
  3. Drop email and communicate via chat on Slack
  4. Use Twist to keep team discussions organized and save time on finding what you need
  5. Save time by automating tasks and connecting apps by Workflow
  6. Increase focus and limit distraction with Focus booster
  7. Organize todo lists and reminders by Any.do
  8. Use advanced task management app Wunderlist without getting too complicated
  9. Manage recurring tasks and create subprojects for your tasks with Todoist
  10. Work on personal goals and new habits by gamifying the experience using Habitica
  11. Train your brain to focus on a task and not get distracted, plant a tree in the process

time management

1. Hubstaff

Hubstaff has been called one of the best time management software options out there. It’s as great for freelancers as it is for remote and mobile teams.


Features: Track time spent on tasks with Android, iOS, Chrome extension, Windows, Linux or Mac desktop software. Send invoices to your clients with a few clicks. Monitor your employee hours worked and work activity. Automate payroll and timesheets. Geo location options for teams with field workers. Integrates with all major project management apps, as well as has its own Hubstaff Tasks software.

Suited for: freelancers, remote teams, agencies and businesses that need detailed or more reliable timesheets.

2. Harvest

Harvest is one of the big names in time tracking software. It’s there to help you operate your business with the insights you need into how you or your team are spending logged hours.


Features: Mobile time tracking, online timesheets, visual reports, invoicing, scheduling, project budgets.

Suited for: Freelancers, remote teams.

3. Slack

Slack might just be the most well-known team chat app. It’s remarkably easy to use, and it allows you to talk to anyone (or everyone) in your team, share files effortlessly, and more.slack

Features: Real-time communication, file sharing, voice and video calling, team organization.

Suited for: Simple day-to-day conversations, small- to medium-sized organizations.

4. Twist

One thing emails get right is there naturally threaded structure, but it’s also way too easy to lose track of them. This could also be said of most team chat apps. Imagine a much more organized and real-time version of that, and you get Twist.twist

Features: Real-time communication, organized threads within channels, file sharing, seamless email integration.

Suited for: Day-to-day conversations, larger organizations.

5. Workflow

Workflow is an impressive automation tool that makes it easy to create a set of commands that connect the features of different apps. In other words, you don’t need to click ten times to achieve one single goal.


Features: Automatic actions with a single tap, customized workflows.

Suited for: Mobile-driven tasks, freelancers.

6. Focus booster

The focus booster app is here to help you concentrate. It’s the perfect way to easily apply whatever time management technique you choose.

focus booster

Features: Instant online timesheets, interval time tracking, in-depth reports, mobile tracking.

Suited for: Easily distracted individuals, freelancers, remote teams.

7. Any.do

Any.do is an app that helps you get things done. Besides a lists of tasks, it also has a calendar with notifications, and you get a virtual assistant!any.do

Features: Available for mobile, to-do list reminders, calendar, notifications, and virtual assistant.

Suited for: Freelancers, remote work, virtual assistants.

8. Wunderlist

Wunderlist might not make you a wunderkind, but it will certainly help you stay sane during workdays. This to-do app has a personal version, as well as one tailored to businesses.


Features: Available for mobile, to-do list reminders, calendar, notifications, collaboration option, due dates, tags.

Suited for: Virtual assistants, freelancers, managers.

9. Todoist

Todoist is a great option for making sure your to-do lists don’t get forgotten. It can be your partner in managing your own or your team’s tasks.



Features: Available for mobile, to-do list reminders, notifications, collaboration option, projects with subprojects, recurring tasks, labels, filters.

Suited for: Freelancers, managers, remote teams.

10. Habitica

One of the best things about video games is the satisfaction you feel when you finish one. Seeing your daily tasks as video game achievements is one surefire way to increase your motivation. With Habitica, you’re playing your own character in the game of, well, your own life.


Features: Goal tracking, to-do lists, progress tracker.

Suited for: People who want to be productive outside of work, people looking for a stepping stone to increasing their productivity.

11. Forest

Smartphones are amazing, but sometimes they can be the biggest hurdle to productivity. Forest is simple: you plant a tree for every new task. The tree grows when you don’t use your phone, and it dies when you leave the app.


Features: Progress tracker, timer.

Suited for: People who find it difficult to focus, people who can’t let go of their phones.

Make your time work for you

The first step to business-boosting time management is knowing that the right tool makes it a snap. What’s your favorite time management technique? Do any of these time management apps help you get more done, or manage your teams better? We can’t wait to hear from you in the comments!

This post was originally published in September 2018. It was updated by the Hubstaff Blog Team in October 2019.