Why time tracking for ad agencies makes sense: 

Here at Hubstaff, there are a large number of ad agencies who use our time tracking software for keeping track of their client hours and projects. If you are an ad agency of any size, why would you benefit from having a time tracking application like Hubstaff? Here are 10 good reasons:

1. Gain visibility into the hours spent on a client project: Wouldn’t it be great to have an at-a-glance look at the current hours your ad agency employees have tracked toward a particular client’s monthly retainer or project? With time tracking software, you can have that visibility. When employees begin work on a project, they simply have to pull down the appropriate client or project name from a list of options, and begin tracking. When they switch to a different task, they simply hit ‘stop’ and it will record the exact number of minutes tracked to that client. No more guessing approximately how much time the employee spent on that client. No more emailing or stopping by the employee’s desk to see how far they’ve come on the project. No more waiting until the end of the week when your employees fill out their time sheets to see where you stand.  You’ll have the time down to the minute level with time tracking software.

2. Keep your client hours under control: Just as it is useful to be able to track exact client hours in Hubstaff, you can help to keep your agency client hours in check with time tracking software. Only  have a limited number of hours for a client with a tight budget? With time tracking, you’ll see when those hours come close to the max budget, and you can adjust your resources accordingly or let the client know that you’ve reached the limit. This is especially helpful when multiple team members are working collaboratively on a client project. Knowing the budgeted hours for your ad agency client can help your employees stay on track with the client project while taking into account other employees’ hours.

3. Assign supplementary staffing when needed: With time tracking, advertising agencies can easily see when you  need additional resources on a project to keep them running smoothly and within project deadlines. If your team isn’t pulling the weight, or does not have adequate time to complete a project, you can easily see this with time tracking software, and adjust by supplementing their efforts with outsourced staffing — temporary or freelance workers.

4. Better reporting of employee billable hours: Rather than simply seeing that your ad agency employee worked 40 hours, time tracking software sends reports based on the employee’s work on specified projects or clients. This makes time tracking software a better employee reporting tool than using time sheets alone. You can even assign sub-categories to a client project to track specific tasks within a project or client retainer, such as PR vs. email marketing, or a specific named ad campaign.

5. Keeps employees accountable and identifies under-performing employees: With Hubstaff’s additional screen capture feature, ad agencies can track your employees’ activities one step further. With the screen capture feature enabled, you can take a quick snapshot at various intervals throughout the day of what your employee was doing at that moment in time. Managers can use this to ensure that employees were working on projects they were tracking at that time. This helps hold your employees accountable for their actions.

6. Identifies under-performing team members: Time tracking is a great way to weed out underachievers in your organization.If you have always wondered about your team’s productivity, time tracking may give you some additional insight as to who is producing greater results or working harder. You should use this information to reward employees who are working extra hard, as well as notify others to step up their game.

7. Provides better project management: Time tracking software for ad agencies also integrates with popular project management applications such as Asana and Clickup. Now ad agency managers can know exactly what their team is working on, with project dates and updates, as well as the current hours or minutes spent on the project. View the project to-lo list and associated hours tracked to that list by syncing directly with your time tracking software.

8. Integrates with accounting systems: For a better billing process, give your client an accurate account of the time that your employees spent on their project. Feel confident that your agency has billed the client correctly for all hours in the monthly retainer. Time tracking software like Hubstaff integrates with financial applications for payment, accounting and invoicing such as Payoneer, Paypal and Quickbooks.

9. Helps when budgeting new projects: Since ad agencies often must estimate a client project based on the number of hours they think a client project will take, having time tracking will allow them to see past project history, in order to make more accurate estimates in the future. No more wasting hours on client projects that have gone over budget. No more asking clients for additional hours to complete the project. With time tracking software, you’ll have a better idea of what to budget for your project ahead of time.

10. Enable freelance, remote or contract workers to track time: With time tracking applications, managers no longer have to wonder what freelance graphic designers, writers, contractors, sales people or others from your team who work remotely are doing with their time. Time tracking can be performed from any computer or laptop that has the software installed.

So it’s easy to see how ad agencies considering time tracking software could benefit from integrating it into their daily operation. While ad agencies may be doing some form of time tracking already, chances are that it’s not as precise as that which is offered by today’s time tracking applications. Using time tracking for ad agencies just makes sense, and the benefits time tracking can offer in terms of productivity, project management and client satisfaction can definitely boost the bottom line.

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