Best Time Tracking for Sales Teams Solutions

Are you curious about time tracking for sales teams? Do you really need something like this to improve your sales performance? Realize this, your sales team is the part of your organization that performs the magic that generates the revenue. They are the ones getting your product into the customer’s hands.

During this wonderful process, the sales team somehow manages to pull a certain amount of monetary value from your client’s account and get it to move into your bank account. Then (if the selling was done right) your salespeople get the praise they deserve, an occasional raise and lots of fun at team building parties.

But, how do you know if you’re doing it right? Do you know who deserves the raise and praise, and who’s working on the margins? Can you tell which one of your employees seals the deal on the most profitable options in your catalog? And most importantly, can you tell how your sales team members spend their time?

To be able to determine this, you need a method of tracking their work hours and assigning specific projects and tasks. You should also have a way to measure the efficiency of each team member and the team as a whole, so that you can work together with them on fixing their inefficiencies and improving ROI. To that end, you need a time tracking for sales teams solution, in order to better distinguish between excellent and inefficient teams or team members.

There are many solutions on the market that offer time tracking. Some even have additional options such as payment management, automated invoicing, activity meters, etc. But, how can you find out which time tracker is the right choice for your sales team?

A good time tracker would ideally include all the aforementioned options in a simple, comprehensible user interface, at a reasonable price. The time tracking solutions in this article have different options and differ in price. By carefully reviewing them, you will be able to choose the one that suits you best. Time tracking has the potential to drastically improve your sales, so pay close attention and choose wisely!

1. Hubstaff

Hubstaff is a rising star in the world of time tracking and administrative management tools. Our service provides a management platform that can help you administer your team more efficiently and keep focus on the work at hand at all times.

This time tracking solution is available as a desktop and a mobile app.

– Time Tracking
– Employee Monitoring
– GPS Tracking
– Automated Timesheets
– Easy Staff Scheduling
– Automated Billing & Invoicing

This all-around solution can be a one-stop-shop for your entire team and especially for your sales team. The user interface is clean, intuitive and precise, which means less moments of confusion while trying to figure out what a certain button does, and whether it will lead you to a point of no return. What’s even better, data is saved in the cloud, making it accessible anytime, anywhere.

Hubstaff offers this service with a scalable pricing model based on the number of people you need to track. The prices start from $0 (for the Solo Lite package), go through to the popular Basic package that starts at $5/month and the Business plan that costs $9/month. The service also offers a free two-week trial period.

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2. Smartsheet – Sales Activity Tracker by Week

If you are interested in controlling and tracking just about every aspect of the work that your sales team does, you might like Smartsheet – Sales Activity Tracker by Week.

This platform makes it possible for you to track sales and set multiple activity trackers, browse tracking and revision history, set different permissions for different users (admins, editors, viewers), connect with Google Apps and Charts and Graphs, and receive activity updates from the trackers.

The service actually offers a template that you can use and edit according to the requirements set by your business. You have a real plethora of options here, including:

– setting a monthly quota for various parameters, such as travel days, phone calls, etc
– specification of the time period of tracking
– activity numbers
– calculating the pace of a project by using a formula
– percentage of progress towards the goal
– setting alerts and reminders
– discussions and activity logs
– sharing and real-time collaboration
– uploading files
– Gannt chart
– mobile connectivity with a mobile app

As you can see, this activity tracker provides a lot of customization options that will enable you to track (and guide) your sales team’s activities in detail. The pricing options start at $14/month for the basic package, up to $39/month for the Team pack. There is also an Enterprise solution, but you have to contact the company for the pricing. The aforementioned prices apply if you pay for a full year upfront. You can test this time tracker for up to 30 days before buying it.

3. Freckle

You want a dynamic, quick and clean tracking solution that has a playful interface? Freckle claims to meet your demands. This tracker advertises itself as a fun way to track time and team activities. Freckle supports some interesting options that are not often found in other services, such as hashtags, automatic recognition of tags and tracking of unbillable time.

If, for example, someone on your sales team types “15” or “15m” in the time field, Freckle automatically recognizes this as 15 minutes and records the activity accordingly. Interestingly enough, you can sort and reach out for statistics and reports according to the various tags that your team uses for logging time.

Freckle enables quick invoicing directly from a report, a project page or a list of projects. You can also choose to make a multi-project invoice with the click of a button. The service is mobile friendly, too.

If you have an Apple device, you can install the app directly on your phone, and if you have any other mobile platform, you just need a browser to use the mobile web app. Freckle pricing goes as such…

  • $19/month for a Solo pack (+ $14/month per additional user),
  • $49/month Team pack for up to 5 users (+ $10/month per additional user),
  • and $199/month for 25 and more users (+ $8/month per additional user).

Just like the other time tracking solutions, Freckle has a 14-day trial period.

Tracking your sales team can be a daunting task if you don’t have the right tools at disposal

There are various options available that can do this job for you. Which one you will choose depends on your preferences, the level of automation and control you want to have, and the level of simplicity you desire.

After you implement a successful time tracking solution for your sales team, you can expect to optimize the team’s productivity, prevent burnout, spot sub-utilization, and increase your ROI and revenue.