Time tracking Software for Windows

Whether you are a freelancer who struggles to organize her working hours, or act as a manager who deals with productivity management – time tracking software is certain to have piqued your curiosity at some point. If you or your organization uses Microsoft Windows, then you know that there is a massive amount of time-trackers competing for your business. Few, however are deserving of your attention. In this article we will suggest that one of the best time tracking software for Windows packages, happens to be the one provided for free by HubStaff.

What Makes Hubstaff Software So Special?

Unlike conventional desktop-based time-tracking suites, Hubstaff has decided to go with a more modern, hybrid approach. Whereas traditional bloated software packages try to have your computer process and perform every function, Hubstaff has decided to offload most functionality to our servers.

11,000+ users

  • individuals
  • managers
  • CEOs
  • webmasters
  • freelancers
  • contractors
  • much more

100+ countries

Since hubstaff supports billing all over the world it successfully connects contractors everywhere

70,000+ new work screenshots every day

Hubstaff allows managers to monitor every hour the contractors spend working with screenshots

100,000+ active projects

Hubstaff is used daily for projects of all kinds, whether it is creating content, virtual assistant work or coding.

The software that resides on the worker’s computer is simply a data-gathering tool. It captures time, and it takes discrete screenshots. All the intensive processing, analysis and fun stuff happens once that data gets uploaded to the HubStaff servers.

Windows 2000Windows XPServer 2003Server 2008Windows VistaWindows 7Windows 8
Hubstaff software has excellent Windows compatibility


Windows users in particular will be happy to learn that Hubstaff has made certain that our software operates on all widespread windows versions, so if your organization still has machines running server 2003 or even windows xp, you’re well covered!


The Windows App is Unobtrusive & Light

time tracking for windows

After your worker installs the software in seconds, they get a very light and unobtrusive widget from which they can officially stop and start their working sessions.
The widget can be run in either compact or expanded mode which features project management integration (for Asana, PivotalTracker, Trello, or Basecamp time tracking).

Time Tracking Software for Windows - Hubstaff Menu

Aside from having it running in the widget mode, you can have the Hubstaff application running in the background.
To access its features again you simply use the menu from the system tray icon. You can also click the menu icon on the app when it’s being viewed in expanded mode.

The Hubstaff Service Boasts Plenty of Killer Features

Hubstaff is in essence a time-tracking service that provides time tracking and monitoring tools, with a few additional project-management options thrown in for good measure.

Streamlined and easy-to-use interface

Windows Time Tracking - Hubstaff interface Hubstaff is trouble-free in its design and intuitive to use due to an impeccably clean interface and well-crafted UX methodology. In practical terms this means you and your workers will need no or minimal training to get to using it effectively.

User roles are flexible

Hubstaff was created with scalability and flexibility in mind, allowing for continual changes in roles and privileges. A manager can change permissions and user roles at any time as well as add and remove members from either projects or organizations. An “owner” can assign, add and remove managers. See this page for more info.

Fine-Grained Control of Permissions

Hubstaff has fine-grained control when it comes to permissions and user roles to help you better manage complex teams. For example, if you want someone to help you with oversight on a project, you can set them to a view-only role. With this permission level they can’t adjust or view the project settings, they can just observe worker activity data. Windows Time Tracking - Hubstaff Permissions To explore all of the functionality and flexibility with permissions, you will want to check the support pages, including this very cool and scary-looking table about the default permissions.

Multiple organizations and projects allow complex management

Windows Time Tracking - Hubstaff Organizations Hubstaff makes complex management simple by breaking things into two levels – organizations and then projects. Users first belong to an organization, and then they can be assigned to projects within that organization. The beauty of it all is that this system supports multiple projects and organizations for each user. This means that you can have the same user be a manager in one project, whilst a plain user in another. One of your employees could be set as a manager in one organization, but set as a plain user in another organization. The organizational system has been well thought out to ensure that complex management is simple and effective.

Owners and managers get regular screenshots and activity reports

Most time-tracking suites are somewhat lacking when it comes to giving managers a good overview of worker activity. This is where Hubstaff excels, as it offers each manager an ability to look at detailed reports and screenshots. Windows Time Tracking - Hubstaff Activity Reports

Hubstaff has a few more tricks up its sleeve

  •  It allows you to evaluate levels of activity by keeping detailed timesheets for everyone on the team
  •  It allows you to monitor and evaluate worker productivity by recording time and taking regular screenshots
  •  It allows you to manually delete and remove worker activity and screenshots
  •  Your workers can leave notes for every activity straight from the widget on their desktop. They can also retroactively add notes from the web-interface

Learn how Hubstaff can get you and your team in the best position.

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